Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So Much To Do... So Little Time

The excitement of the new Timeless isle in WoW has worn off a bit for me. I've geared out my alts, filled some spots with them, which was really great for me as I can really feel like playing them again. I've barely touched my 'main', the druid. The lock had taken over for a short time, mostly dabbling around on the hunter this week and last. I suppose that is the nice thing about having multiple 90 characters, it is nice to swap them around. Honestly I don't know who really is the main anymore as I play them all for periods them swap them out for another.

I've also managed to cap my Engineering on the hunter, something I've been really lazy about. I suppose the new Engineering mount, Skygolem, has been a huge push to getting it capped. You can find the plans for this and all the 5.4 recipes (all in one skill book BoP) at the timeless isle, a random drop. I got it within minutes of killing on the isle. She's also worked up some rep (moar mounts!), saving for materials for the Skygolem. Which gives me more to do when I log in.

The new raid is decent, but getting a decent group is another story. Trying to queue in the wee hours of the morning, when Dire plays, you can get some pretty spotty groups. I've yet to finish it this week, just had such bad groups we had to leave because it took too long, someone pulls (for kicks) and kills us all, seems a bit of a problem lately. We'll keep trying.

I also have been messing around in Vanguard a little, with my ranger. She is fun, sneaky, has the bow and swords. I like that I can melee and be ranged, though getting used to running out of arrows feels like going backwards in time. I need a place to stock them in mass amounts! But it has been fun, while it is not a main game I enjoy going back and puttering on alts. I wish I had friends who played there with me.

It has been refreshing sneaking around, questing and just doing whatever comes along. The ranger also gets a 'class' type series of quest. One of these quests is one where you pick an animal for a pet, I picked a raven. While the raven is cool, the flapping wings gets annoying. Also, the pet has to be (re)summoned every time I dismount, ugh. I forget to use it sometimes, heh. To get a new pet it costs 50 gold, which I am a long way off from, lol. So the raven it is, for now.

Not much new there in Vanguard, I suppose that is what holds some of the charm. I always know what I am getting into, it feels the same, more or less, each time I play. Maybe that is part of why I don't really seem to care if I get to end game, I'd like to, but what does it hold for me?

I will be posting more about EQ2 soon, as I am back playing. Thanks to the new heroic characters! I just don't have time to put into leveling another alt from scratch as it isn't my main game, so this gives me an opportunity to skip a lot of the levels and get back to the zones I like the best. I will be mentoring down to go back and do some of the old content as well.

These heroic characters are free. You get one for FREE! Until October 15. You don't have to pay a dime if you already have an account. I think it is a very cool offer, if you don't get one and you have an account, it is your own fault for not taking this offer up. It is great for someone like me who wants an alt but doesn't always have the time to catch one up.

After the promotion ends on Oct. 15, all new or upgraded free Heroic Characters created from Oct. 1 to 15 will remain fully unlocked and won’t lose any functionality or features.- Holly Longdale
Sr. Producer EverQuest II

I created a brigand, I wanted something sneaky, a tad 'tanky', that doesn't heal. Something different as an alt. This class is a scout, rogue like character. In the future I may pick up a necro as well, we'll see. For now I am enjoying myself in Velious on my brig. I'm playing on the Crushbone server as Vanlorian, send me a tell to say hello if you play there!

Another note- The character creation has been buggy with the heroic characters. Things such as backing out and deciding to make the character after you hit create or having a name rejected appears to consume the one time free character. There are two things you can do, exit the client and try again (perhaps wait a bit then try again) if that doesn't work then contact support. They are working on a fix, this is not intended. I used a more unique name that I knew wouldn't be rejected thus I didn't have this problem.

I'm still at it in GW2. While I did not really do much for the last content update I'd like to try to do more with the current one. I'd also like to mess around with the LFD system, see how that is. I've hit 70 in my necro, so close to the cap I can taste it! I'll get there, eventually!

More on the heroic character experience soon, have a great week!

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