Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Downtime: An Unexpected Detour

Yesterday FFXIV had a lot of downtime, but all for good reason. Server capacity should be better now, along with new servers. I wasn't able to log in for very long before the servers went down, but I did manage to get a few things done. I thought about starting over again, because I have had such a horrible time getting in. I've barely been able to play since the weekend hit. But I decided against it, as the server bog should be better now. Lets hope! I haven't actually tried to log back in since the downtime, I sort of got distracted....

Things I managed to do? I unlocked the inn room, which was real cool. There is a bed, you click on it, your character lays down to sleep and you gain rested, such a sweet touch. I also unlocked the duty system, so I can join groups (LFG tool), and the guildleves. Guildleves are basically quests you can take that can scale in difficulty, they have you run off to do some random tasks nearby. There is more of a history behind them, but I'm not going to get into that today. I think those will help a lot with the multi-class aspect of the game.

Really enjoying the game a lot. I am eager to log back in and continue my path to becoming a White Mage. It will probably take me some time though. I really hate picking up a new game and getting distracted, but more often than not, I am. In WoW my son has been working on his 90 shaman, gearing up. So I've been running heroics with him for valor. As well as his 88 monk, which I have been helping as I can. My brother, Heri, is creeping up to the cap, sitting at 80, with his new monk. So I've been doing some runs for him as well. Then I've been doing a bit of pet battling too, which is always relaxing. Mainly power leveling some low pets. Then I've been doing a few old runs with Dire.

While we had the downtime with FFXIV, I decided to check back into Guild Wars 2. I've had a mixed bag of feelings with this game. In all honesty it is what it is: A really great game, some fantastic eye candy, which allows me to just chill out and really explore. While I've had my beef with the game in the past, I really forgot how much I enjoyed it. I'd like to finally sit down and cap a character, my necromancer. I had the urge to play something dark and 'casty'. This class suits that urge quite well. I had forgotten just how gorgeous GW2 is, it looks amazing, especially with my new video card.

That's it for today, as always, safe adventures... And a slew of shots. I am addicted to taking a zillion screenshots when I play my games, heh. But you knew that already, didn't you ;)


Resting in the rain.

I've wanted this set since I first saw a necro wearing it around release.


Resting in the inn. 

Wishing for my own Chocobo!

Soaking up the scenery.


Finally no more ugly, green shirt!

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  1. The screenshots from your new card look fantastic!




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