Monday, September 2, 2013

Chugging Along

Things are chugging away slowly in FFXIV. This probably has to be one of the worst weekends for a launch to hit, with a holiday here in the US. They are just hammered around the clock this weekend. The servers are flooded, I can't get in most times and just give up after repeated tries. Even if I do get in, either the US/EU servers are not pulling in the list, or the JP servers won't show.

I've rerolled already from EU to JP and this server has filled up as well. New servers this week, how will that impact the current servers? Do I reroll again? Ugh. Both my characters sit at 11 and it was slow going with all the lag, mobs being annihilated by the masses, waiting on respawns, not even being able to log in, crashing then not being able to log in. All in all it has been a mixed bag. I love the game, hate the log in problems and over population. I'll wait it out though.

Yesterday I played a bit, enjoying my conj, but gave up many times trying to log in, as I didn't want to waste the day trying to play rather than actually playing something. In time it will smooth out, for now it really is crazy. When I finally got logged in at one point, my son wanted help with the barrens weekly in WoW. Which I couldn't say no, so I logged and took Dire out there to help him. I mostly played WoW on Sunday simply because I could not log in, the guys liked that, heh.

Hopefully I'll be able to log in and get rolling sooner than later >.>

For now just sharing some more shots. FFXIV is truly a gorgeous game. Some WoW shots in the mix too, it looks so much better with my new video card. Have a great Labor Day, those of you in the US!

Binding to the shard in town, these go into your personal teleport abilities and also allow you to travel through the cities. This is also where you respawn, can be a long run back.

A gloomy day, the sky/lighting changes are such a treat. 

People EVERYWHERE!! Log offfff... NAO! 

Waterfall under the night sky.

The forest is amazing.


My fat little piggy pet (purely cosmetic) CE item. 

My son and I puttering around with our pets, at the DMF.

Being silly with Dire and my son. They love fun clicky/illusion items. 

Flying around the Barrens, such pretty mounts!

RNG loves, loves, loves Dire. He got the Baron mount and.... the one pictured below, last night. 

Dire's Raven Lord mount. He has all the luck! Congratz to him XD

Sitting with Dire at the shrine. 

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