Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For The Alliance!

For the Alliance! Silvermoon US.

Finally things have settled around the house, for now. Busy and tiring week(s), having a lot fixed in our attic to help with the heating and air, bathrooms needed work, both garage doors getting some work, that is just the tip of the iceberg, busy week but for now I'm happier. I've just been too exhausted to write some days!

My son has made a return to WoW. That makes four family members, whom I can regularly play with, which is really nice. For so long it has mainly been just me and Dire playing WoW. This is probably the longest stretch that I've stuck to WoW (in recent times). We're always going after some fun goals.

Over the weekend a guild member put together a raid to target the Horde faction leaders. I wanted to join in but so many tries in the past were futile. We'd get one or two and then the raid would fall apart. Not this time! We did have a rough start in Orgrimmar but we came back to that last and proudly stood around and killed all the NPC's and ran around with glee, happy of our achievements.

This really was an 'epic' moment for me in WoW. The people were great, no complainers, no fussing, we had a fantastic time and we really stuck to this. I was proud to be a part of it, my family being there was fun too, we all just had a blast. I healed my heart out, it was the most fun I've had in ages, as far as WoW is concerned. There was a common goal we were all going for, the achievement and mount, but it was so much sweeter doing them all in one shot, together. My son was so ecstatic over getting the mount, it was a happy moment as he's never done much like this in WoW. Unfortunately, most of my shots were of us traveling there, and then then end, where we posed for the final shot on our bears. I was just too busy trying to keep everyone alive to take any good shots, I got a couple but nothing great.

I've been going crazy with pet battles, gaining my first level 25! I still need to travel to all the trainers for the quest to challenge them, then I can pick up the daily quests for pet battling. I've acquired some really neat tames, the Unborn Val'kyr being my favorite. I really enjoy pet battles, I just wish the pets would regen slowly over time. Once I level up more pets that shouldn't be such a big deal as I can swap more out on the fly. I have many in the 20's range, just needing a few levels.

Lots of achievement runs, with my son. We picked him up his Twilight Drake, so two new mounts for him. He's playing his shaman main (90) a good bit but also leveling a rogue. I just hope the alt doesn't burn him out. There is so much to do at 90 that he really enjoys. I'd like to see him especially get to try out all the fun new things with patch 5.4, which hits the exact day we have family coming from out of town. It has been confirmed for Sep. 10th. Which reminds me of something funny, my guildie who put the raid together, mentioned that patch 5.4 was cancelled- Since we already downed Garrosh. Ha! That one made me chuckle!

That's it for today, sharing some shots on my way out :)

Playing around in Uldular.

Unborn Val'Kyr (enlarged with a pet biscuit).

All lined up on out Twilight Drakes. 

Preparing for battle, grouping up. 

Do you think they'll see us?

Was the first meet up outside Org.

First attempt, not so pretty. 

Meeting up in TB.

Eating cake on the top of the totem.... Mmmm.

Pribably not get this chance again.

'Screenshotting' my heart out, lol

TB actually went very smoothly.

Onto the UC. 

This part was quite smooth as well. Other than the banshee queen resetting once. 


And we're off!

Meeting up for the last boss, trying Garrash again. 

Dire posing for a picture on his snazzy mount. 

We did it, just playing around in Org, killing everything. My little tree doing some healing, lol. 

All lined up!

Lotta bears!

People kept photo bombing... 

Lotta big bear butts ;)

I'm a dino!

Nifty effect which turns you to 'stone' giving your character a black and white look. 

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