Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WoW Shots

Sorry for the lack of posts! This weekend Dire had some much needed time off, and a birthday. Happy Birthday, Dire! Also this week getting some repairs done on the house, just a lot going on. I wanted to add a more detailed post but for today I'll do some commentary on some pics!

One of the things I love the most about flying is the scenery. Things you wouldn't ordinarily see in a game where you can't fly. I love this about WoW and also Vanguard in particular.
I love doing archaeology in the old zones, it gives me a reason to go back to places I have not seen in, well, years.

Pet battles! I'm slowly collecting more pets as I do archaeology,  though I need to level up a decent team.

Hanging out with Heri in Necro in Stormwind.

Illusions and fun!

Big bird!

Clearing out Hyjal. 

A good action pic!

One with nature. Love this Darkmoon Crow pet!

Giddy up!

A night in Pandaria. 

Story time.

My gnoll friend and I (trinket from a rare in the Jade Forest).

I finally got my Lorewalker faction finished, love this mount and tabard!

Flying my new mount in Dalaran. 

In ICC with Dire.

Dusk in the marsh. 

Resting among the flowers. 

My buddy.

Love this pet! (Found outside Karazam)




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