Saturday, August 31, 2013

FFXIV- A Slow Pace

Ah, those fresh and new days of an MMO launch, you savor them and hope they pass quickly! I am very happy to see that FFXIV is doing well! So well that we're really having issues even getting logged in-- I'm not happy that I can't log in but it is a Saturday morning, here in the US. Not surprised, I don't know what I was thinking-- trying to log on today, heh. Jokes on me, I actually wake up early because someone wouldn't stop tossing and turning >.> And it couldn't have been like a Wednesday or something!

I am very much enjoying the game. I've rerolled just to because I wanted to soak up a different starting area, which isn't a big deal but I wanted to take my time in an area more suited to me. You can't get that first time back so I might as well bask in it somewhere I love! Gridania is my kind of place, I absolutely love it.

This time around is much smoother and I'm actually paying attention to the text, to what is going in my inventory, instead of rushing through things. I find myself enjoying the game a lot more, not feeling like such a scatterbrained newb.

I am also not rushing because I really would like to roll up on a NA server but they have all been closed to new characters when I try. Hopefully things will smooth over soon! I'm still playing alone, even though I do know others playing, I just can't get to them. Not a huge deal at the moment. I see Dire looking over at the screen, I can see the gears turning in his head, I know he is sort of interested in his own little way. He has a buddy at work who plays and is just raving about the game. He keeps telling me to join his server, but alas it is not taking new chars, of course, lol.

I really, really look forward to having all those classes on one character. I tire of alts, switching toons. This will be very refreshing, granted I ever get one class over 20... ha! If I could log in maybe! I get kicked sometimes when I tab out, which is sort of grating on my nerves, I may start to play in window mode, just because I ALWAYS tab out for some reason, then I face palm.

Anyhow, not too much new to report. Thought I'd share a few neat pictures I took. Have a good one and may you all be able to log in... soon!

I can see why you're in the crafter's guild... you must be a little chilly! I seem to not always load clothes on other players, heh. 

Hey there,can I have your goggles?!

Glorious sunset. 

Lots of people around, never a quiet moment in the city.

Just showing off some mid level players. 

Some random dude, interesting armor. Most people I see with the most awesome armor run off before I can take shots, I've seen a few 50's running around. 

Love the scenery in this game. 

A late night stroll. 

The guy on the right is a Scholar. When I grow up I want to be one! They heal and have fairy pets ;)

Relaxing :)


  1. Great screenshots! It's hard to imagine that the game could look any better than it did in v1.0 but it does. My favorite two things about FFXIV back then was that I could play with a controller and the multi-classing.

  2. Thanks, Jay! It is quite lovely, I have seen some shots of it before and it looked quite good then too but never really saw it in action so I kind of missed out on the comparison.

    I *think* you still can play with one. It asks which option you want when you start the game, I forget what other options it has besides the keyboard though!

  3. When I played for about twenty minutes in the beta the game would ask me if I wanted to configure a controller when it was plugged in. It worked great.

  4. Sweet, thought it had that option right off the bat, which is pretty handy!




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