Thursday, July 25, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Just a quick post today about the blog. I've been pulling my hair out with my last layout trying to figure out exactly what broke but I've finally given up puttering around with blogger and it's layouts. It was what brought me to blogger to begin with, a little more customization, which evolved over time... Then it broke, for me at least.

Anyhow... If you've visited the site over the last week it might have taken on a few different looks, depending on when you visited, especially today. I did, briefly, go back to a more traditional look. The traditional blog just doesn't suit me any longer so I've been working hard to get something with a smoother, more 'professional' look. I did not expect to have to change the look so soon, I think I had the last look for a year or so. I miss it but for now what is up isn't too shabby. It is pretty easy on the eyes and even looks nice on mobile devices as well.

I still have a good bit of puttering around to do, my blogroll is gone and I need to get links back up, that will take some time. I'll get it tweaked out over the next few weeks, for now I feel it is fine to leave it be until I can get back working on it.

I was almost to the point of just closing up shop, ending the blog. This year makes four years, in another month to be exact. While my comments have dwindled down I do have a few readers left but the most important thing is that I still do enjoy writing even if it has slowed down. I'm not ready to end things just yet. I may give the blog another six months to a year, I just don't know some days. For now I still enjoy it when I can, I love to share things here.

Hope you enjoy the new look and continue to enjoy my ramblings as long as I continue to write.

- kaozz


  1. I like the new look. The older look was nice, but at times I was unable to post a comment, not sure why.

  2. I much prefer a more traditional look - call me old-fashioned but I like it when things stay put on the page and don't wiggle about. Hope you keep posting but it never hurts to take a break for a while and come back refreshed.

  3. Thanks, Jay! It sometimes bugged out, that is one thing I don't miss!

    Bhagpuss, heyas! Thank you. I've been through so many looks over the years I suppose I just yearn for something fresh and new XD Yeah, this whole half of the year has been sort of break-ish, lol. Was less motivated for awhile, but now I feel more inclined to post more often these days, some are better than others though!

  4. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    I'm a fairly new reader to the blog, but I like the new layout and really like reading your thoughts on everything :)

  5. As someone who constantly changes my layout and theme, i feel for ya. I think i have 3 other private "test" blogs that i play with and modify before i change anything on my main, which sometimes has me pulling my hair out.

    Either way, i like the new theme and layout!

  6. Thank you! I really did a lot of hair pulling over finding a new look! I have a test site but I get lazy and don't use it much. I try things very quickly and hope nobody notices, LOL!

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