Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Fun!

This week brought in some fun events and interesting events across the games I'm playing. A good way to keep cool while it's so freaking hot outside (Houston... ugh).  EQ2 has Tinkerfest, which quietly slipped in. I only realized it was so close a day or two ago. This year has some of the coolest rewards yet! A new instance (soloable) quest for the choice of a healer or tank ROBOT mercenary, which look very awesome. That blew me away, they are so neat! What else? New appearance armor, different colored flying wings, GOGGLES and many housing items have been added. I love anything steam punk, snazzy goggles sitting on my character's forehead, you have my heart EverQuest2!

EQ2 is such a relaxing game, I've had people comment in the past they wouldn't go near it after playing the first (hardcore- back in the day- grind) EverQuest. But EQ2 is quite laid back, great for casual players as well as raiders, it is fantastic for groups or duo partners. That's what I love about it, it has changed a lot over the years, getting better with age. I log in daily to play, I probably enjoy it more than anything else at this point. It is good for people like me who hate all this new action crap they add to new games, thinking big red spots on the ground or glowing goo create immersion and exciting game play. No, rolling all over the screen and avoiding effects just makes my wrists hurt. Not to say there isn't that kind of stuff here and there, but it is more classic type combat, more tank and spank. Right up my alley. That is a big keeper, when I need something to relax to.

Rift has Summerfest going on. I was hyped about this event but the servers are getting hit by some major lag, which isn't all Trion's fault, it seems partly the fault of their ISP, Comcast. Sometimes I log on with no problems, other times I can't do anything and just get booted. I do feel for Trion, they are trying to get things sorted, trying to keep the players happy and touching base to let us know what is going on. They plan on giving everyone a pack of goodies as an apology, I think that is very nice of the team.

There was a really awesome appearance set from the event, I am not sure if it can be bought with in-game currencies but I did see it in the cash shop, as well as the new bathing suits. I don't really want to plunk down cash for it so I need to check again. Offer it in the shop for cash sure,  but don't make that the only way to get seasonal stuff. Lots of quests, some seem fun, some seem kind of vague (scavenger hunt weekly quests). Not all of it is aimed at everyone, many of these are for higher levels. I prefer events that aim at all levels to participate, even through most my characters in my games are at endgame or close.

All in all it looks like a neat event, I plan on taking par in it as much as I can with the connection issues, which I hope to seem diminish soon. I only had a short bit of time to participate since the other times I couldn't even play due to the latency. There are fishing quests, which was interesting. Squashing bugs, you jump up and down on them, took me a moment to figure that one out, lol. Lots of nifty cosmetic goodness.

Lots of good stuff to do and collect between these two events! Unfortunately I've not had a chance to snap any shots of Rift, hopefully I'll get some!

Flying disc like this are a reward for tinkerfest. The helm is a quest item- Gas Mask, lol. 

My mercenary giving the new ones the evil eye...

New tank merc. 

Gnomeland Security Headquarters. 

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