Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Darkness Dawns (EQ2)

Yesterday EQ2 had a really neat update- Darkness Dawns. This update brought contested avatars, fabled dungeons, a new system to save your AA points and swap on the fly (CATs), and daily objectives. Being only level 90 on my inquisitor I'm most excited about the daily objectives.

Anyone can take part in these daily objectives. The rewards are really nice, while you gain one token a day (across the whole account you can mix and match who does what) the items are not where they feel out of reach. These work similarly to the daily quests in Guild Wars 2. They are very quick to do, and you'll most likely be doing them as you play. I grab the daily chrono quest and they are knocked out without even trying in most cases.  I already did the objective twice and got a fairy on a string, which is a four year vet reward, this being my newest EQ2 account, I'll get it this year but it sure is nice to get it a few months early!

Many are veteran rewards, which is nice to see. Especially for newer players, I don't mind if someone else has access to these earlier than I did. Hell, I wish I had access to some of these earlier, especially after swapping around on which account I wanted to play on. There are complaints on the forums because some veterans don't feel like special little snowflakes. I'm glad it gives players a reason to log in and head out to do something, gives me an alternate goal. I like it. There are houses, mounts, gear, all kinds of neat things.

Always lots to do in EQ2! I've been mentoring down and doing some fun quests I missed. I do blow through mobs as a mentored down battle cleric, it is still fun to be able to get some xp for doing so. I'm also slowly working on my house, not quite finished with it yet, waiting on the city festival to hit. It is a nice change, and dabbling with the dungeon maker, which I need more items inside before I will publish it.

There is just so much to do in EQ2, so many choices on what to do, that is what always feels different after playing WoW. While WoW has tons of daily quests and dungeons to run, EQ2 has a lot of adventuring and exploring. Apples and oranges.

Anyhow if you haven't checked out the notes on this patch, check them out here on the official page. Even if you're not at the cap there is something to look forward to jumping into, which is wonderful. If you are sitting at the cap, there is more to do, like checking out the new heritage quest!

Also something to note, for those fashion junkies like myself. If you are looking for some more appearance gear, maybe you have an older character who didn't save your starter gear or even get that snazzy new stuff all those newbies now get (like me), now is your chance to have it. The class trainers now sell two crates one with the old (legacy) set and another with the newer version. The new stuff is quite snazzy and I'm sporting (all but the chest) it currently!

That's it for today, sharing some pics on my way out ;)

A fae walks into a bar... Hey! She's missing her wings, lol. For some reason my shield bugs out my fae illusion wings. 

Exploring some old content, I like the feeling of the Moors. 

I love you mercenary man. Somehow I bugged and was knocked off my mount, Vanlorian to the rescue!

Taking a ride in a balloon flight path.
I discovered something ;) The inquisitor armor crate. 

My fairy on a string, isn't she so cute. She hovers over the shoulder.

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