Monday, July 8, 2013

Me, Tank?... And Other Adventures.

This weekend found me dabbling in Rift quite a bit. I've been wanting to put my sub time to good use at some point. I've really been wanting to pick up my baby cleric, he's been sitting there waiting on me to pick him back up since the winter holidays. But... I keep saying after my mage hits the level cap. I just wanted to have fun and play something different, I have to say picking up the cleric was quite refreshing, really enjoy this class. He's sitting at 22 now.

What is nice and relaxing for me is the amount of things to do while leveling. Quest, IA (instant adventures), groups, fishing, housing, PvP,  and crafting. Mostly just puttering around with zone invasions, housing, fishing (for a nice break), and IA after IA... I just love the fast pace of them, being around other people to work towards goals with no pressure is great. I can learn my tank spec without a lot of pressure, play around with a new dps spec and just join in. Very, very relaxing. I find myself tanking mostly, which is fun and different for me. I never tank, I like tanking, but WoW really pushed me away from it. I find myself loving it on this class. Maybe I'll tank an instance one day, who knows. For now it is fun and helps out in some cases.

Also a HUGE plus to playing rift is not seeing recount spammed. While the chat channels are horrible on my server, I can at least not read them, they don't directly have anything to do with my play.

I was going to head back to EQ2, which I still plan on. I just need a sub AND expansion, which I am putting on hold for now. Missing it a bit since messing around with it last week, which sort of rekindled my interest for it. I miss the fantastic housing, mercs, questing and the general lore of EverQuest. I need to set aside a chunk of time to get caught up and a feel for things again as well as a chunk of $ to get me rolling again.

Speaking of EverQuest, I dabbled around in the first a bit too, nothing too interesting. Checking out some stuff in the baz, new appearance goodies (no ss, I always hit the wrong button it is  the minus button on the num key, meh) and just hanging around. I was thinking we should go back but I just don't know if I'm up for it right at this point in time. I sit there trying to pick which char to play; I have a 92 Cleric, 93 Magician and a 95 Druid all waiting to be played and I can't pick one... Those are my highest, I have two (or three?) accounts full of chars up to the 80's, which I don't even want to think about playing. The idea of re-rolling is always so appealing, then I sort of can't pick which char I really like best, heh.

I also managed to poke back into TOR, after a long, long, long absence. I'm enjoying the story, gained a level and did a LOT of running around. I'm not sure if I'll stick with this one but it was nice to pop back in and get reacquainted with my character and story. Things are pretty slick, easy to find where to go, get back into the run of things. I just can't stand all the footwork I'm doing, run, run, run, and then run some more, lol. It isn't quite that bad, maybe I'm just spoiled.

I do think I may start over, I'm not really feeling the healer vibe here. My heals feel a bit weak and I sort of would rather just have a companion follow me around and toss out heals. We'll have to see just how much I want to play. I would like to get my feel back but I don't really want to start over, not that I am very high at all. I just want my ship!

Last-but- not, well, maybe, least... Still playing WoW. My teddy bear panda monk is 83. I am trying to get her to 90, losing steam and it has slowed down. I think spending some time away in other games helps refresh me when I do come back. Dire is my main pull to the game right now, it is the only thing he will play anymore, ugh! I also made a little rogue alt, on the horde, for kicks. We'll see how far it goes, something to do when I just want to be sneaky and stabby (in WoW) <.<  

That's it for me today, safe adventures and all! Oh... Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July, it was busy and bit of a stressful week, here's to hoping things calm down!

Shiny new horsey!

Appearance armor, love the detail. 

Big bad boss, invasion event. Check out the chat log, still can't get completely away from WoW. Really hate reading chat sometimes.

Some sparkly fireworks.

Being sneaky, love how the map overlays where you can navigate still, some of these areas are huge. (TOR)
Nap time...

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