Monday, July 1, 2013

Walking Away

Over the past week I've gotten myself locked out of my Google account, well, partly. The authenticatior usually sends me a  code on my phone, but for some reason it wasn't going through, which took a few days to get settled. I'm back in and all is well, as of last night. Oddly enough Google play still let me in, I could still spend the monies, heh.

While the blog has been silent, I've been working on my Pandaren monk, who is sitting at 79 now. I was going at a blazing speed with the monk daily XP buff, heirlooms and the ribbon dance (summer festival) buff. The best way to utilize those buffs is to queue up for an instance while they are running. Especially one with new quests. If given a decent group with decent human beings, it can be quite fun. It seems the majority of people just want to fight, call names, run off, just not work together at all. Maybe I just have the worst luck, I don't know.

I've overlook a lot. Maybe my skin isn't thick enough, maybe I've just played for too long (starting in 2004....), or maybe I'm just getting older, maybe I'm just a big baby, I don't know. I do know it isn't something I'm up for anymore. You have your internet jerks everywhere but the boiling point for me was being cursed at, called names and just heckled because someone had a bad day, couldn't wipe the group and just disliked my class. I'm not going to get into it, we've all seen the abuse in LFD.

I just think I've had enough, on top of this support misunderstands my request, thinking that the huge list of hate slander is from someone just spamming chat or something along those lines, tells me to go through the steps (which luckily I already did), next time. Pretty much a generic email. So I have to reopen the ticket, get another generic email and get all pissed off again. Why am I paying for this?

I know, I know, it comes with the territory, not everyone is like that within the game, find guild groups, I know the drill. And for a long time, most of this expansion, I kept to myself. I did not raid, I did not group, outside scenarios with Dire or maybe help a guild member. I just kept to myself and things were all find and dandy. Boring- but peaceful. Why should I hide away?

This time I want to level a healer up, I want to heal as I level but I just can't stomach it anymore. It isn't simply one case, one or two bad experiences, it is a slow erosion over the years that just piles sky high. This on top of other things. I think it is time for a break. Right now I play only because Dire and my brothers play, that is what keeps me logging in. I don't think that is enough to keep me for much longer.

I think this problem falls on this game so heavily for a number or reasons. Blizzard states they cannot babysit and read all the logs all the time. It is a huge player-base to police, but I think there should be a line players are scared to cross. Like the days where your reputation actually mattered. You didn't want to lose it. Well, how about if you go around cursing and spewing abusive hate slander you might just lose your account, not some slap on the wrist. Make people accountable for this behavior. Less money from the accounts banned? Perhaps, or maybe you might keep decent players from getting fed up and leaving?

Another thing is the tools that are used to abuse players, such as recount. While this doesn't bother me as much these days I do still think it is a real cause for much elitism and unneeded abuse. I just read a post on the forum,  linked on MMO champion, stating how these tools were not what you should be using to gauge fights, merely a tool to use alongside other key factors. That they could be used in the wrong ways, put in the wrong hands. Why are we allowing this to continue? Ah, it is cool, a way of life in Azeroth, right?

Cross server groups anything. While easy and accessible, there is a catch- Lack of community. The only strangers who have spoken to me lately, or even replied really, are in LFD groups that want to complain about something, or random tells getting hit on when I play my female human. Neither is a good feeling, just creepy in both aspects.

I'm considering picking up EQ2.... which I'll need a sub for and an expansion. I really want a sub if I play. Rift, which is paid up for a long time. Or, possibly, EverQuest. None of which Dire seems too interested in. However, if I quit, I am dragging him with me. Perhaps we just might quit MMOs for awhile. I'm just not feeling happy and when things get to this point, I know it is time to walk away.



  1. See you in the Elder Scrolls Online? I'm pretty worn out on MMOs right now too. It's hard to explain to people that haven't hit their limit, or started with bad community in the first place. But you've hear all of this from me before too.

    Let me know if you find anything new. :)

    1. Hey, Rak :) I guess after 14 years things start to pile up, lol. Yep, you know exactly where I am coming from. I miss those old days, those people. Not everyone was great but the atmosphere was something far different than what we have now. I guess that is the price we pay when we ask for convenience and we don't need others as much. People are treated as if they are expendable.

      I just downloaded EQ last night.... Had to format last week. I really want to play EQ2, but Dire dislikes the combat, sigh. My brother is upset about me wanting to quit WoW, which makes me feel really bad too.

  2. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    I currently have an active WoW account, EQ,EQ2 and Rift/GW2 free accounts. The difference in community between WoW and every other MMO is night and day.

    The only time I group in WoW is with 2 Real Life friends because every other encounter has been a bad one. Elitism, abuse and anger management issues are the norm in WoW.

    I play WoW because I enjoy the lore and world. I've quit twice since launch due to the community and finally just moved all my toons to a low population server to get away from the worst of it.

    I feel for ya...

    1. I agree, hands down WoW has the worst community. While there are good people around you don't run into them as much as you do in other games. People want players to stick to those other games, they reach out to them more so. I've had people take me under their wing in other games and at times like this I wonder why I ever left, lol. Many reasons factor in, the biggest being my family doesn't want to play those other games that I enjoy because they often lack polish that WoW offers.

      RL family is what keeps me in WoW, but I've quit over the community many times as well. At launch it felt like another game with the community, I had some great friends. Yeah, a low pop server sounds like a good idea, I thought of it, been on Silvermoon since 2004. I did try a few new servers in the past, but ended up coming back... Always hard to leave.




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