Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leveling and leveling... !

This week Rift is still holding out as entertainment. I was considering playing my mage some but the cleric has been so much fun, don't think I'll stop leveling that one just yet. I like the fact that I can change my play style and mix and match builds, keeps things fresh and fun. Tanking is great fun, though sometimes I just want to kill stuff faster, a nice DPS build helps out with that.

I don't always enjoy questing in some of the zones within this game, some are better than others. Once I get past the 20's I'll probably start questing again soon. My cleric is sitting at 26, not too bad as I mainly putter around with the game on the side for the most part. I do like to log in to get my daily reward for being a patron, then I get sucked into playing.

Soon I want to work on housing again. There is a new dimension I'd love to decorate. Since I have been gone there have been LOTS of additions such as walls, doors, stairs and things like windows! Lots of fun with decorating and I also hear dimensions will be getting some love,more of a reason to use them- In the expansion or a later update, I'm very curious as to what this will be. I also read that pets will be getting some utility, sounds good to me! Soon the summer event begins, getting excited about that. I have not participated in it before, I do hope it is fun.

In WoW my monk finally hit 85. I also went back to the Horde with this character. Been doing some old content with one of my buddies there and Dire has been working on his mage on this side. Last night we got to do our first dungeon together with this character. I healed through an instance, which went well. I have put fistweaving on the back burner, while it is fun it isn't viable until 90. It is just such a huge mana drain in these groups, especially when they try to pull whole rooms in all their craptastic glory. So now I mistweave and sometimes I do some damage but I hold back a lot more than I would like. It will change at 90, once I get geared up. But, for now, it is fun to group with Dire in panda land!

This will be my 4th level 90, plus I also have an 86 sitting out there waiting on levels. It does get a bit redundant playing another class [just] to get to the level cap. That is where the game starts, all the fun new content- all at level cap. The lower levels just feel insignificant anymore, just content to blow through to get where it really matters. We're welcome to stop and smell the flowers but in all reality end game is when the game really starts, you can't even play with a farm until you hit panda land. I just want to get it over with. Sometimes I feel that is all I do, leveling and leveling. I need to stop rerolling in games so much, lol.

I might dabble around with some EQ2 this weekend or maybe SWTOR. I want to pop into City of Steam as well, make a new character since the new class and races have been added.  We'll see how it goes.

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