Monday, July 15, 2013

Kaozz goes to a galaxy far, far away...

Recently I was talking to my brother, Heri, about my latest dip back into SWTOR. I hadn't done much and wasn't too sure about really playing at this point, but the more we talked about it, the more I felt like really giving it a chance and getting back into it. When the game released I enjoyed it for a short time then got really, really sick and sort of drifted off after that. Every time I heard my character or Coros Rigg's voice, I had flashbacks of being sick, ugh. But what has changed, between F2P and the fact that there is now an expansion? I wanted to find out.

I decided to start fresh, this time with a (human) Sith warrior. Which, I might add, the female version has the best voice (if you played the female Hawke in DA2, you'll recognize the voice). A nice change from the scoundrel- Voice and all, lol. She suits me better.

At first the game was very easy and then the difficulty ramped up a bit. I wouldn't say it is hard, but I'm surely not mowing down mobs as I do in a game like WoW. Not bad, just different. The only thing that bothers me is that mobs come in packs, making exploring a tad tedious, killing so many mobs just to see the sights is a bit daunting after awhile. Such a lovely world but it is pretty darn packed with mobs, causing me to just burn through quests instead of exploring. Having a speeder helps out a bit. I do miss my other characters stealth ability!

I finally got a ship, this time around. This morning I hit 20 as well, that is a milestone! But yeah, the ship. It is awesome. How cool is it to have your own ship?! I could complain about running through the dock to it or 'spacebar-ing' through cut scenes to travel on it, but I think the coolness factor outweighs those things. I love it! It is really exciting. I was on a mission to get that ship asap!

Which leads me to my next objective, my healing companion. Vette was fun to have around and decent damage, but I really wanted a healer so I was hellbent on getting Quinn asap! I like Quinn, as a companion he is pretty interesting, he does some alright dps and heals. However, I cannot make him do one or the other. I'd prefer he just heals me. Another thing is if I charge into enemies, well, his healing abilities are out of range and he doesn't move closer. His AI is often wonky but he isn't bad, necessarily. He just requires some attention, taking note to toggle passive on and off so he will move closer to me helps a lot too. Sometimes he heals great, other times he just watches me get lower and lower while he does his dps thing, "Um, Quinn... Hello?!" Sometimes I would like to option to slap him. Less downtime with him... sometimes. With Vette I did have a lot of downtime, all the time. Plus, he's the humble servant (for now)...

The class is starting to feel a bit stronger at 20, I enjoy it for the most part. I went Juggernaut, dps spec. I wanted to be able to swap out tanking and dps if needed. We'll see how it feels from here on out. The class story line is pretty decent. I started out going dark side but it was just a bit too dark for me. So now, after a short killing spree, I am going light. I repent! I probably would have been more suited for the republic but I wanted a fresh start on a different side. I'm glad I did. The story line is really easy to get hooked on, I enjoy doing this. Almost feels like an online RPG in that sense. The side quests merely feel like fillers though and tend to drag out at times. If it were not for the story I don't know if I could stomach all the jam-packed quests in each area. There are also still several bugs we've run into, but nothing truly game breaking, just annoying.

I decided to subscribe while playing. Really, if you are going to play this game, you might as well sub. The game feels way, way, way too restrictive. The leveling pace is quite slow and it feels even worse with the penalty to non-subscribers. My brother tried to play it without a sub, he did not enjoy it and felt a bit resentful. He wanted to support the game with cash shop purchases instead, he loves that kind of stuff, but he felt like he was really missing out. He figured he would instead play it in the future when he could subscribe, I decided to gift him a subscription since he really does like the game a lot. It would be pretty nice to have someone to play with, even if I am a few levels higher, I can always go back and run him through flash points for the light side points.

All in all, I am enjoying the game, it is nice and refreshing in many ways. It feels different than the typical fantasy games, the story telling livens things up, companions are neat and ships rock! Companions are really a fun bonus, though not as strong as those in EQ and EQ2 (aww...) and the ships are such an awesome addition, but not quite housing. I can't get Dire to even try it out, he's still hooked on WoW, though very bored. I poke fun of him each time I find him standing in Stormwind. I suspect if I stuck with this game he'd eventually give it a shot. We'll see how far I get this round. I still need to check out space combat... Speaking of... Chow, peeps!

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