Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cleaning House

Recently I noticed my template here on the blog was spazzing out, it has come to the point where in most cases it isn't working and loads a white page. Which annoys me so, I've had to putter around and change things up. If you visit the page you'll notice it has a different feel but I've tried to keep things easy to navigate within the sidebar. Unless you read it completely in a feed, which I do for many of the blogs I read, then you probably don't care, ha! But it has to have the look I want or I am not satisfied, it has been bugging me for awhile and last night it wouldn't load correctly at all. What I normally use is the blogger dynamic viewer, it is smooth, easy to customize but it is also borked. Ah well, maybe it will get some attention and fixes later down the road. Mainly just cleaning house on the look and feel, it might change around a few times, we'll see how it goes from here.

Anyhow, since it is a rainy morning here in Houston thought I'd just work on the blog getting it looking more like normal and just touch base here. Yesterday I got an awesome new bicycle, and wouldn't you know it we have been getting tons of rain, lol. I'll have to take a picture of it, it is really retro looking and sharp! So this morning I'm going to putter around in EQ2 and SWTOR. Just wanted to share some pics and I have a few things I want to talk about later on in the week. Enjoy the pics!

Dire and I camping a rare for him. 

Monk is still sitting at 86, I've not played much besides with Dire, then only on the Druid.

I loooove these wings. They are from Legends of Norrath. 

An illusion item. Trying to figure out which house I want to work on, this is the breakout point in the Halas one. 

Fun illusion. I'm a mannequin!

Flying in Velious.

Loving the Withered Lands, finally starting to level again.... Just a few bubs into 90!

Vishra is in the Withered Lands, he is a favorite character of mine lately. 

My pet spamming me. He's entertaining. My action bar is a work in progress, still trying to clean it up. I have one bar full of pets, another full of illusions!

Love the colors here, a nice change from all the white snow in the last area!

Hanging out with my bro!

We got some cool new masks!

Aren't we smashing! Both warriors, different specs. 

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