Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

I've gotten ahead of myself in SWTOR, getting further in the story line, being able to move on to the next planet. But I'm trying to get a few levels to buffer me as I am still a bit low, some of the story quests are kind of hard but it is mostly due that I really should not be getting more levels before I keep moving on. I just really enjoy the story a lot, not always the side quests as much.

The world in which this game takes place is very refreshing. I don't feel that I am anywhere for too long, change of scenery is pretty often. It also reminds me of being a kid again, my love for Star Wars coming back to me, it is quite awesome. As a child there really wasn't ANYTHING like Star Wars to me. Going on my missions and wielding my own light saber makes my inner child quite happy.

My brother is still playing, he has passed me up in a few levels, I'm playing the balancing act with games though. I need to log in this week and catch up. I was taking advantage of EQ2's double xp weekend, which seemed slow still at 90...sigh.

In EQ2 I am almost, almost 91! The levels are going very slow. The questing has been enjoyable and I've been doing the Chrono daily quests (which start at the chrono mentors), to add in a nice change. However yesterday in The Estate of Unrest (instance) I realized I needed two people to unlock the doors to kill the boss. Two are needed to pull levers simultaneously, and I could not find any help. So that really put a damper on my session in EQ2. I don't want to chrono down and blow through a dungeon with someone else, it is too easy and I like to take my time and explore, I go to EQ2 to play with my merc and solo. The others that I have done I've gained mini enchanted statues of the bosses whom I have killed, which make for nice house items! I will have to share some pictures of them when I get more.

There is a lot to do in EQ2, lots of content. Even if you missed something you can always mentor down and go back to check it out. Also the events, always something going on at one point or another. The game does have a lot of options on what to do, which is something that always pulls me back. Add in mercenaries and you can do so much more than ever- except if you need them to pull a level...gah.

And, yes, I am still playing WoW. Though not nearly as much. Which was good to get a bit of a break. I still log in to do my weekly quest in the barrens with one or two characters sometimes. I also mainly run heroics and scenarios with Dire. Which are quite easy as my druid, she is a really enjoyable healer. I'm also messing around with my lock here and there, she is my 'go to' character when I want to solo something. 5.4 looks to be interesting, and we have some new appearance items in the shop, which I will have to get....soon. I still do enjoy the game, probably too much to really quit, we'll see what is ahead.

Rift also has a summer event heading out to us in a couple of days... Which I MUST take part in, I missed it last year. Too many games, too little time, isn't that always the problem? That's it for today. Have a great week!

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