Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gearing and Designing: A Nice Balance

These days WoW is still carrying me pretty steady as far as interest goes. With my newfound love for LFR (looking for raid system), there is just so much more to go after. I don't know why I was so hesitant to use it in the past. I suppose I heard so many horror stories, but really I haven't had any trouble at all. Currently I am gearing up two characters, heck I didn't even think I'd be that worried about one, much less two! I enjoy healing on the druid and dps as the lock. So for now I swap them both out. It is taking me a little longer to gear up but I love both roles on each class.

Swapping the characters out has it's advantages- If I want to do something while I am off on my own, I use the lock, then I save the druid to play with Dire. It helps hasten the queue time for him as well, since he does not get to play as much lately. I have been doing the weekly quest for the valor and the armor, some of it I can use still. I am still needing many items on both characters but I broke over 480 with them both, this week. Very happy about that! I even managed to get the super snazzy staff from Lei Shi on both characters yesterday. I've had some good luck with loot raining in on me this week, lets hope it holds out! Dire has had some real dry runs, we're trying to get his gear caught up. I want to do some heroic scenarios soon. 

My healing is, as it always is, on the ball. As my gear gets better I start topping the meters, but I don't go for that. I don't waste mana just to see the meters rise but it is nice not to be at the bottom, though I haven't really had that issue, nor the issue of running out of mana. I do try to conserve as much as I can. I've been healing so long it is like second nature, I even find myself watching the health of the raid when I dps, old habits die hard!

The lock is going strong. As with the healing getting stronger in that department, my dps is getting better with this one as well. It really blows to be 17th on the meter when you start out and once you begin making your way up it feels like you're finally doing something. Last night I was 3rd so that made me feel better. It isn't all about the meters but I do like to gauge how I am doing. I don't spam them or flaunt anything, I just want to know exactly how I am doing, what I can improve and so on. 

I have to say that I didn't see myself being so into the endgame as I am now but I enjoy it a lot. It has been fun watching my characters grow and gearing them out. It is exciting and brings back a lot of memories. Even LFD hasn't been bad. Nobody bothers me, pretty nice groups most the time. 

Bit by the housing bug...
I miss having housing in my main MMO. I really do. So I've been contemplating some land in Second Life, shopping around. I finally found a lovely sim with some great land and snapped it up. I've been decorating and puttering around with it here and there, this morning I finished it up and think it turned out quite nicely. 

Other than that I miss being able to create and modify things. I suppose my creative side is drawn to the game, because that is all I do when I am on; decorate and build. I enjoy it, a nice outlet. I built a house, but by the time I finish the things I create, I am tired of looking at them, lol. I will probably finish up the last touches and sell it in the market. 

I've seen a few friends on and that is always great! It is nice to stay in touch and catch up, something I always enjoy. Chit-chatting while I build, not so rushed like some of my other games, more of a relaxed environment. 

Getting to it...
I downloaded Dragon's Prophet a few nights ago, but I had a migraine that made me physically ill so that was put off to the side. I still need to play it. I briefly tried the closed beta but I didn't really get a good feel for the game. The forums are really negative, I have been peeking in on them when I can. But, I don't want to judge things before I get to play it. So that is on my agenda this week/weekend to get my feet wet, see how I like it. Sadly... I hear that housing is endgame. Meh!

Also, as Bhagpuss mentioned on his blog, I see that City of Steam is up to the Elves. Now I want to make a new character and play it. I really enjoy that game, it is a lot of fun, good ol' hack and slash. I've been pretty slack with this game and Neverwinter. So many games, so little time.

What's keeping you busy and why? Are you looking forward to anything? Let me know in the comments! I have been keeping my eye on Wildstar, it looks good, it has housing!! I keep getting stress test invites but usually something happens and I miss them. Ah well, hopefully it will be out soon enough! I'm just trying to keep things fun, for now gearing up with some design on the side keeps me pretty happy, a nice balance.

Safe Adventures!

My buddy, Rakhar, came to visit me while I was plopping things down on my land and terraforming. 

A table... which I decided I didn't like afterall. Lots of decisions and changes ;) That is the fun part!

My treehouse, it even has a tire swing, so cute!

A sweet little table in my gazebo. 

A view of my dock. I like this dock because it has a lot of fun things built into it, like swimming and fishing!

Shopping, or something... lol.

A project I was working on.

My house and a little pond I made, it even has coy swimming around in it, as well as inner tubes to float on!

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