Monday, June 10, 2013


Dire and I in LFR. Don't we look sharp.

One transmog item I've wanted in WoW would be the Cursed Vision of  Sargeras, with my Druid. We try to do Black Temple weekly, my brothers and I, sometimes a friend will join, so it is always fun to go with others. My lock doesn't need anything there anymore but I've been taking the Druid whenever someone mentions going, this week I happily went with hopes it would drop. I've ran this place more times than I want to think about, never seen it once.  My brother had called me up to see if I wanted to go, of course I want to go, so I was pretty damn happy when it finally dropped for us over the weekend! Next to go will be my DK, who is now alliance.

I've had a hard time trying to find a transmog I like for the Druid but I'm working on it, waiting on a few items still but I have something I like more so than what I've worn in the past. There is a lot of really great leather transmog stuff out there, but my bank and transmog space is full so I really have to consider on what is worth banking and what I don't really need. MORE STORAGE PLEASE!!!

Dire and I have been wanting some of those cute Direhorn Runt pets, they are adorable. We've been out there a few times, on the isle, with raids and seen many drop but never won them. So last night I asked him if he wanted to try to farm a couple. After an hour or two we both managed to get two cute little baby dinos. We also had a Primal Egg drop! What is a primal egg? WowHead to the rescue! We were not quite sure honestly, turns out it is an egg that has a 100% chance to hatch into a raptor mount- after three days. Which I won, so I am excited about that. I have 90 mounts, I've been working on gathering 100 for the mount achievement, a blue dragonhawk. I really want this! Slowly but surely I am making my way towards it.

Other than collecting cute and pretty transmog stuff, we've been working on heroic scenarios, which some can be pretty tough. Heroics and of course LFR My Druid has pulled forward on the gear this week, I've just not felt like playing both through the same content and often Dire asks that I take my druid to help heal with something or a faster queue.

We've been doing LFR which has been rather, hrmm, exasperating at times. Sometimes it goes smooth, sometimes it is a trainwreck. Most the time I enjoy these but the last one really sent me into a meltdown, raging on why I bother to log in and waste my evening by doing stupid things like running through deadly fog and so on. It isn't the players fault though. Even I repeatedly run through the bad stuff because I can't see it, or see where not to run. I really hate some of the mechanics on these fights, it is hard to get a team of random strangers through them without many tries and a hefty repair bill. But at the end of the day I mostly enjoy LFR, it actually gives me a shot at raiding.

My days of scheduled raiding are long over and I appreciate the fact that I can still raid when I can. I really like that, it changes my view and chances to see content, when it comes to raiding. I raided from my old EverQuest days and even the early days of WoW, in MC, spending hours after hour in an raid. I even remember a 12+ hour planes raid in EverQuest. I just won't sit there for that long anymore. LFR doesn't make me, I really appreciate the work put into this system. Sure, I miss raiding with friends, my arse doesn't miss being glued to the chair though. Queue with me! Dire enjoys it, he loves getting upgrades, we all do.

Sometimes though, I question the whole direction of WoW. I love the game, but once I dig deeper I hate how it feels more like a number game, a spreadsheet, a min-max competition, it breaks my immersion. People who'd rather take the highest numbers than work together with friends who don't play as well. To me it is the little things, playing with friends and family, even making new friends, but I feel like a minority. It isn't that I'm not any good, I push myself, I exceed the requirements, I do quite well. I just don't like the whole attitude that seems to possess most players these days. Is it so hard to be kind to other people? The whole attitude of: "Well they don't count, they just suck." Maybe they do, but for heaven's sake it's just a freaking game. While I don't have anyone bother me, it stings to see others treated as if they don't matter. It bites.

I am having fun but that's what I want to keep it- Fun. When everything is said and done, when we look back will we remember all the top damage someone did, how good they were at which fight, or will we be fondly remembering friends?  I'm just a girl torn in the middle, head half in the clouds, feet half on the ground :) I kicked ass and took names all the way and I still have so many people I will always remember, many I will always miss.

Our little runts!

Carrying around a friend in the Black Temple. She's so tiny and cute!

Firelands extrusion. 

Sometimes LFR can be fun. Dire looks like he is having fun, lol. 


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