Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts on WoW- End Game

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend, those of you here in the USofA. Those of you elsewhere, still hope you had a nice weekend. I planned to write sooner, but I got a nasty case of food poisoning and that took the wind out of my sails for a few days. Ugh...

Still chugging along in WoW. I'm gearing up my Druid, but I picked up working on the lock as well. She is my favorite and to me balance... for lack of better word... sucks. So, if I'm not raiding or healing in a group, the druid is quite boring. I have gotten really good at kiting things around, fleshing the class out, but why bother when my lock (or even DK) can do so much more with half the effort?

LFR hasn't been that kind to my warlock but I am slowly gearing her up. LFR is fast to queue as a healer and the loot seems to rain on her.  I really hate the queues as DPS, so I am torn on who to really focus on. I love my druid but balance is so clunky and poorly designed. I really wish I could heal with the warlock, that would solve everything, haha. Or maybe Blizzard could actually make balance not so heavily gear dependant?

The valor caps annoy the hell out of me. It is like an endless carrot you can't quite reach, I don't push myself with daily factions, they may get there, they may not. I just don't care. I think this whole expansion has added a ton of things to do but it really feels much of it is gated, strung out to keep us playing. I just think there really needs to be some sort of alternative from all the gating on grinds and caps. I'll happily grind out things in big chunks, I don't like to string it out every day of the week.

On top of everything I am always wondering what will change next with my characters, which will be nerfed or have the playstyle totally changed, the rug pulled out beneath me. Not a really cheery post but these are the things that have me concerned about WoW these days.

I crave some stability with WoW. I'm tired of seeing tweets from Ghostcrawler, seeing that he's thinking of changing this class, tweaking that class. After this many years you'd think we'd have SOME balance, right?

I've gotten my DK to 86, let me say frost is.... amazing. Wow, just slicing through mobs, I don't think it was even a fraction as easy with any of my other characters. It wasn't hard but it just took so long to kill things. I struggled so much with the druid, the closer to 90 the worse it got. Just doesn't seem right to be so overpowered, heh. Crazy. I'll be leveling the DK slowly on the side, no rush. Just another character to gear up all over again. I still have a long ways to go with my others.

I am still enjoying WoW, regardless. I just have concerns for long term. I always know if I log into EverQuest, my characters are not going to morph into something else, they are pretty much the same as they were when I made them years.. and years.. and years ago. Anyhow, we've also been playing around with the Brawler's guild. That is sort of fun, until someone yells something out, making fun of someone. Have not had it happen to me, but seen it happen, not cool. Farming, rares, pets and all that jazz. I need more bank space. I REALLY need more bank space.

That's it for today, safe adventures!

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