Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Times (WoW)

One week from today we'll be on our move in date, I'm packing and packing but it still feels like the more I do there is still and endless amount of stuff to do. On top of that I have a couple of computers I need to fix, one is ours, which will wait. So much to do, so little time to write. Today I plan on just staying home, actually posting on this blog, heh. I have also gotten sucked into WoW a few times when I shouldn't be, lol. LETS RUN NAXX! Or something like that....

My brothers are both playing WoW on an often basis, my son is still playing regularly too. Dire is when he can, all is well with my world, lol. Mostly we do a lot of old content. I am waiting for them to catch up, then we can do scenarios, groups and such. I might even go healer with my Druid if I need to. It is always more fun to play with friends and family than random strangers. For now we just have a blast going through those old raid instances, transmog items accumulating and achievements mounting up.  My son and I can do quite a lot together, he a shaman with my warlock, or druid even the hunter would be decent, so I want to see what harder 'old content' we can push through. I'm curious.

Last night my youngest brother, Necro, he and my son were goofing off in Strat gathering enchanting materials to skill up the shaman's profession- and I hear, over vent, '"OMG, OH. MY. GOD!"... It seems the baron's mount dropped for them. In all our years playing, countless runs since release  we have never ever seen that mount drop. There was a lot of excitement, he actually won it, so now I feel like I should help my son get a snazzy rare mount too, he never has gotten any. He was a good sport about it though. I was glad to see it still does exist, ha!

My brother, Heri, started a guild, it will just be a casual thing. I am thinking of joining a character to help level it, I am just not sure who. The guild I am in now, I've been with for a couple of years at least. We'll see how things go. Will be easier when we all get them caught up, maybe get some other like minded members? He might just want to keep it a family guild, I don't even know. Right now I'm paying for Vent, which I didn't know, lol, through my son's Minecraft server. So that is handy to keep in touch even if we're in different guilds.

Not too much new, just doing fun stuff, not really progressing but that's fine with me, I'll get there in time. Once everyone catches up we can do that kind of stuff. As long as I am having fun, that is all that matters. When the servers shut down for good, and all the lights dim, what will really matter? Will it be all that epic gear that was replaced over and over, or those memories of the good time I had? I'm a collector, of pets, gear, weapons, mounts... I'm a packrat, and the memories associated to those things will always last me.

As always, I leave you with... pretty screenshots. Have a great week peeps!

Just hangin out in Goldshire, lol. All the newbs do it. 

Get your AQ mount!
MC- Look at those two, hiding back there. Someone was too low and stayed beside the healer, lol.

MC. My brother Heri and I, didn't get everyone in the but.... I did get my SLIME pet in it- From AQ.


Chillin' in Stormwind with Bling!
RaF mount. This is one of the newer ones (mine is the old zebra...blah). Necro flying me around Stormwind. 

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