Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Catch Up!

Babyseat, WoW style. Lawl.

We're finally moved and settled into the new house. It is quite large, we finally have a room dedicated to the computers! Something I have wanted for a long time. After ten years of living in apartments- this is Dire and my first house together. It is lovely and my mother is my next door neighbor. While very thankful and happy, there is just so much to do. Everytime I turn around I am on my feet doing something else. I was over exhausted for a few days there but I'm much better now.

That being said, I have made time to play my games the past couple of days. Tonight I decided not to log right in and write instead, well by now it is more so the early AM, still going, heh. Tomorrow I have a long list of things to do but I wanted to jot down some things while they were fresh in my mind still.

WoW is going well. My brothers are both approaching 90, high 80's as I write this. Dire is still playing, but my son is more so into LoL, Minecraft and the new SimCity game lately. I haven't had any time to play my alts, think I will leave whatever I was working on, well, for when I have more time. Mostly I've been puttering around gathering nifty fun items.

I managed to grab the locket that gives the illusion (Kalytha's Locket) of a ghostly Night Elf. It has a short cool down and lasts twice as long as the CD. I love it, I can be a NE lock, lol. I also nabbed the gnome who drops the illusion pirate hat, which turns you into a ghostly gnome. You have to wear the hat but it is fun to wear in town.

My biggest accomplishment, as far as illusion items go, would be the AiLi's Skymirror, which gives you the illusion of your target for ten minutes. Very awesome, sadly it has an hour cool down, fun to play with though. She has been the only MoP Champion to give me any trouble. She does nasty damage and HAS to be interrupted when healing or she heals to full. Really it is all about timing with this fight, when to move, when to interrupt. Not a fun fight but I got it down and killed her the other day, she dropped the mirror, yay!! As soon as she died another player swooped down, I was there at the right time.

There are many that still evade me, champions that is, but I check often and hope to get more of these cool items. They add a lot of flavor to the game. My poor bags are bursting with items! Below is a list I took from this post on WoW Head, it offers a list of many illusion items. You can also find a complete list here.

Item Name:Effect:Duration:Cooldown:
 Fandral's FlamescytheTransforms druids into a molten cat while in cat formLasts until shifting out of form2 hours
 Leyara's LocketTransforms player into a Druid of the Flame5 minutes1 hour
 Kalytha's Haunted LocketTransforms player into a ghostly female Highborne30 minutes15 minutes
 Blessing of the Old GodTransforms player into a Qiraj20 seconds10 minutes
 Burgy Blackheart's Handsome HatTransforms player into Burgy Blackheart, a ghostly pirate gnomeLasts until unequipping the head dressNo cooldown
 Orb of the Sin'doreiTransforms player into a blood elf5 minutes30 minutes
 Orb of DeceptionTransforms player into a race of opponent faction5 minutes30 minutes
 Bones of TransformationTransforms player into a male Naga20 seconds10 minutes
 Pygmy OilTransforms player into a female voodoo gnome10 minutesNo cooldown
 Stave of Fur and ClawTransforms player into a Furbolg3 minutes1 hour
 Savory Deviate DelightCan transform player into a ninja or pirate60 minutesNo cooldown
 Noggenfogger ElixirCan transform players into a skeleton30 minutesNo cooldown
 Gordok Ogre SuitTransforms you into a male Ogre10 minutesNo cooldown
 Super Simian SphereTransforms you into a gorilla in a bubble5 minutes1 hour
 Iron Boot FlaskTransforms player into a male Iron Dwarf10 minutes1 hour
 Muradin's FavorTransforms player into a Frost Dwarf10 minutes30 minutes
 Vial of the SandsTransforms player into a Sandstone Drake MountUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Potion of IllusionTransforms player into someone else2 minutesNo cooldown
 Winter Veil Disguise KitTransforms player into a snowmanUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's RestTransforms player into Tarecgosa's Visage MountUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Dire BrewTransforms player into a female Dark Iron DwarfUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Wisp AmuletTransforms player into a Wisp20 seconds10 minutes
 Time-Lost FigurineTransforms player into a Skettis Arakkoa5 minutes30 minutes
 Lifegiving SeedTransforms player with herbalism profession into a random herbUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Frenzyheart BrewTransforms player into a Wolvar5 minutes30 minutes
 Hook of the Master AnglerTransforms player into a fishUntil cancelledNo cooldown
 Magic EaterTransforms player into basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp (only usable in Dalaran!)1 minute1 second
 Underbelly ElixirCan turn player into wasp, Tuskarr (only usable in Dalaran!)10 minutesNo cooldown
 Rituals of the New MoonTransforms player into a giant black wolf2 minutes10 minutes
 Rituals of the New MoonTransforms player into a giant red wolf2 minutes10 minutes
 Rituals of the New MoonTransforms player into a giant white wolf2 minutes10 minutes
 Rituals of the New MoonTransforms player into a giant grey wolf2 minutes10 minutes
 Orb of the BlackwhelpTransforms player into a whelp of the Black Dragonflight15 minutesNo cooldown
 Faded Wizard HatTransforms player into an apprentice of different race30 minutes30 minutes

Other than that, I finally finished up my farm with the Tillers. That was exciting. It took me long enough, lol. I'm happy to have everything opened up. Now I am working on other factions as I can, one thing at a time.

I finally had a chance to try the latest MMO out: Neverwinter. I play a lot of PWE games so I know that the cash shop will tie in a good bit but I think they are pretty decent on a lot of content. Levels and such are never gated which is nice.

I didn't have long to play but my impression of the game was decent. I think combat felt solid, the game looked good. The cinematic was pretty nifty. I like the idea of companions, the foundry sounds sweet. It is a pretty game too.

Things I didn't like? I thought the whole another 'action MMO game' felt.... Flimsy. It plays like it is ported from a console. I don't like that. I like traditional feel like EQ and WoW, where you have free mouse movement across the screen. If I wanted action type games, I'd play console games. But that seems to be the big thing now, though I don't see any of them making a huge splash. That is my honest opinion, just personal preference I suppose. The game 'options' seemed lacking as well (at a glance, will have to look more later), all I saw were two scroll bars for video. Meh. The character models were not all that impressive, they were not bad though. Kind of charming thus far, just not super modern.

All in all it really seems a decent game. I just don't care for action+MMORPG. But... I want to give this title more time, when I get more time. It does show some promise. I do like Cryptic and PWE, so I think the game could really shine. I've waited a long time for it to come out, glad it has finally arrived.

Random Thoughts
I've been missing Vanguard Saga of Heroes for awhile. I always miss that game. Like something in the wind blows my way and I hear Telon, whispering for me to come back. I really want to sit down and play it some soon. I always miss Vanguard.

I am patiently waiting Dragon's Prophet as well. I think that looks fantastic, I'm just wondering how 'action-y' it will be. I like a lot of ideas the game offers from what I've seen thus far.

Other than that, I just don't have the time for anything else at the moment. I need to take more time for this blog, because I still love writing and sharing about games. Every now and then I think about closing up shop but I'd miss it too much. My other blog suffers, but one of these days I'll get back to it. This is where my heart is, and hopefully where it will remain for many more years. Have a great week, peeps.

Screenshot time!

Incomplete transmog set, two robes fail to drop for this set. Every. Single. Week... Ugh. 

Hozen Beach Ball illusion. Gives a summer beach outfit look.

Night Elf Illusion.


More Sunwell.

Yeah.. More... 


Hanging out in IF with Heri.

Exploring. Love this. 

Flying through the sky with Necro.

Finally completed my BC raid achievement, we finished up Hyjal today. I really hate this zone, all the WAVES get annoying.

Playing around with illusion item, hanging out with the bankers, lol. 

Fire Breathing dragon/warlock. 

A new transmog set, my bank is over capacity. I really cannot farm more sets for much longer. This is the Maleficent set, jumping causes the wings to pop out. You have to show the helm graphic for them to. 

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