Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catching Up

My boy is all grown up and 90, look he's already taller than me, lol. 

*Waves* o/ I suppose if you'd rather play than write, you must be enjoying the game. I'll be moved in two weeks and I should be packing, it is a slow painful process with me, heh. I'm trying to get it ramped up so I don't have tons to do at the very last moment, so that is the reason for the lack of posting, as I mentioned in a previous post, that and I just rather play than write sometimes! I did have a friend ask if I was alright, since I hadn't posted in awhile, which was nice to see someone was missing my posts :)

I have been purely playing WoW in my free time. One of my brothers has come back, he's been thinking about it for some time, his account was hacked about three years ago and I talked him into getting some assistance with it so I could use a SoR to help him get back into things. Blizzard really helped him a lot with it after several conversations, so he is pretty happy now. I suppose he got five free levels in the process with the Scroll of Resurrection. It is nice to see him playing again, but then his computer broke down and ate up a little free time, but he should be back on by the weekend.

My son is also playing again, yay! He hit 90 with his shaman, and I hit 90 with my druid (finally)- yesterday. We did a scenario straight away to get us some blue weapons from the quested one- Arena of Annihilation and he's wanting to gear up and do some LFR stuff so I might just take one of my characters along with him when he does.

As a welcome back to the game I ran my brother through a few old raids to get him the achievements and some transmog gear, he had a blast seeing them again. He raided in AQ when it was current and MC so he had a lot of fond memories. I also took him and my son through the Black Temple which was fun. My brother really likes things like that, much like me, so it was really great for him.

Yesterday my son and I decided to run the Black Temple on our fresh 90's, while what we were there for didn't exactly drop, we did get some cool transmog stuff. He probably carried me through it this time, lol. I did throw out lots of healing, which was cool to be able to do. My druid isn't as tough as my warlock, she runs out of mana a lot faster on AoE and she cannot cast while being flung all over.

I did briefly go feral while leveling, and I truly hated it. And while I'm speaking of leveling, I hold a personal grudge against the person who designed the Dread Wastes, I hated leveling there this time, lol. Hated, hated, hated it! I used to be feral with her but it just didn't mesh with me this time around. Balance isn't perfect either, I hate the lunar and solar eclipse junk. I really think the mechanics are too clunky and annoying, that is probably because I've played the class for so long, since the vanilla days and while it wasn't nearly as strong in many areas as it is now, it didn't feel so..... clunky. I just don't feel the design of the balance spec was a direction it needed. I still like the class, I like the spec better than the others, simply because I want to be ranged dps with her. It is nice to be able to glyph to throw out heals while in my form as well, that was a great addition. Maybe the warlock just spoiled me! I do like the Druid for being able to be balance and have some support in things like scenarios, that is just awesome, so it is hard to decide who to play with others.

My brother and I hanging out in Ironforge, lol.

Other than that, I made a monk. The monk is great! I recommend going brewmaster until 30 or 40, then it gets easier if you want to go windwalker. I really like the class a lot more than I thought I would. I made it to 44 then parked her to wait on Dire to catch up his new little pally alt. She's been waiting a few days now and I'm itching to play her some more. Oh, and my hode main has migrated to the Alliance, since the guys prefer playing alliance. It is weird seeing my scrawny little Blood Elf as a chunky-monkey Human, I'll get used to it I suppose.

It is nice seeing family online, in vanilla we all played together a lot, BC we played together a fair amount, WoTLK we briefly played together. I am the one who stuck with the game, even taking breaks I always return. My other brother will be playing soon too, he is buying a new account and starting over with his girlfriend, I'm looking forward to when everyone is playing again! I have transmog runs already being requested, good times XD

He asked a GM to kill him, after much.. erm... persistence he finally was granted his wish, lol. 

Speaking of transmog, I finally (FINALLY) had my head item drop from the Black Temple- Cowl of Benevolence. I love it. I do need a robe that matches it a little better, I need to look around and see what I can find, I'll check out and scour MogIt (the best transmog addon out there!).

That's it for today, have a great weekend I'm sure I'll be posting a bit more next week because I feel so lazy when I'm not posting! There will be a little bit of silence due to the move but that should be short lived. Safe adventures!

My Druid on her way to the Klaxxie, I love their story, they are pretty bad-ass.

Doing a world boss, thought this was a neat shot while we waited!

A raiding with leashes pet dropped, I let my brother have it, he was very, very happy. I need to go back and get me one too!

Illidan has us frozen in place, lol.

My druid's current transmog, I need the head (mask) item off Illidan but for now this will do, I love the shoulders. 


  1. Grats on the transmog gear! I haven't really enjoyed balance since the eclipse mechanism was introduced, but the predictable version since Cataclysm feels like a playstyle straightjacket. I always felt like the spec was more of a support character than pure caster dps but that changed when they added eclipse. :-/

    1. Thanks, Telwyn! Yeah, I agree, it just feels so meh, balance. Shame because I really enjoy the class in many other ways.




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