Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Night In Naxxramas!

One of the recent additions I really enjoy, in WoW, would be the addition to pets within old raid content. While those pets in AQ are evading me (though the shifting sands robe FINALLY dropped- OMG), I have obtained most of the ones which drop in MC. I have really, really wanted a few from Naxxramas, the Stitched Pup in particular. That one makes such a nifty warlock pet. He's so creepy and cool!

I know Dire and I could do the zone but he's switched shifts and hasn't adjusted quite yet, so his playtime has slipped out of the window for the moment. Last night I decided to try it on my own, I didn't have anything else I'd rather do in WoW. Pet collecting and transmogs are my biggest hobby there these days, so why not try to down a few bosses and see how it goes, on the lock. My first try was a few months ago on the hunter, which ended with Patchwerk ripping me a new one.

I ended up clearing the whole zone, I didn't think I'd be able to honestly, I've not tried any of the Wrath raids, so I really was quite happy. The lock is amazing for soloing old content, different specs can help in different situations but I prefer demo for many fights, lots of staying power with the spec. Soulstones, healthstones and life draining abilities help a lot too.

Different pets were needed for certain fights, as with a lot of old content. For those encounters where you can be locked down with cc b/c you do not have threat, like the pet tanking, it basically is like two manning the encounter... Except the stupid pet cannot do anything; like hit the web, or take the spike off of you and so on. So for those encounters it is best to use a non-tanking pet, such as an imp. That is where I pull ahead as a lock, that and the healing. Situational pets help out a lot, pets who don't tank really make a difference on some fights, or those who can tank, it just depends.

I've also been working on a pally alt but it is slow going, I don't always feel like leveling some days. She's decked out in heirlooms, which helps speed things along, but I can only take so much leveling these days. Sometimes it is just more fun to do whatever I want on my main, I guess I've settled down with the lock being my main. I love my hunter, but since Dire prefers the horde, and his DK over there, I've been pretty happy with the choice to level my lock. She's not uberly geared, I'm quite lazy and don't care to raid on a regular basis, in all honesty. It would be fun... but I just can't sit still long enough these days.

I'm still enjoying WoW immensely. There is so much to do, I love my class, love the changes with this expansion. I am looking forward to Neverwinter and REALLY waiting on Dragon's Prophet... I absolutely cannot wait for that to hit open beta. But Neverwinter looks good, and since it releases at the end of the month, I am looking forward to that!

Hope you enjoy the song embedded at the top, one of my favorites to listen to while playing my games. Have a great weekend!

Fungal pet, he's so ugly...awww.

Dead Patchwerk- That kill is for Clo ;)

Bone spider pet.

I love you, stitched pup!

Four Horsemen, I remember doing this fight when it was current, I was always healing on the pally, fun times!
The end!

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