Friday, April 5, 2013

Return To The Sandbox (SL)

I'll take... One of each!

It has been awhile since I logged into Second Life so I thought I'd pop in for a little bit tonight. I have a ton of ideas for things to make for my shop, I just never seem to have enough time to get things going. I'll be moving soon but once I settle in, I hope to spend some time creating again. I miss it.

While I'm away I make a little bit of money from my shop, so it is nice to pop in and do some shopping! I thought I'd look for a car, because it is just so cool to have a car in a game, right?! I found a really awesome Challenger on the marketplace. Almost as nice as the one we have in real life, almost! I even found a new model Camaro as well, the quality of the Challenger was superb though, very nice details.

That is what I always miss about Second Life- If you want it, you can find it, or create it! That is what always keeps me coming back. The ultimate sandbox, IMO. Anyhow, thought I'd share some fun pics!


  1. Yey she came she conqured and she left lol!
    It was wonderful seeing you there!!!

    1. <3 I'll return soon enough, got that new car to drive, haha!




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