Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap (WoW, GW2)

The past couple of weeks have been a bit busier than normal but I'm still playing WoW. Not as much as I was previously, but I'm checking in and getting a few things done. Daily quests have suffered but I'm not going to fret over it.

Dire and I have been doing some scenarios when he has the time. I love these for many reasons. The first is that the queue is practically instant, another is that there are more of us than them. So nobody gives us any crap, nobody really says anything honestly, not even replying to a hello or a question. It is quite creepy now that I think on it. I really wish they'd just go and create two player scenarios, that would be perfect for us.

We're still running old raid content for mounts and transmog stuff. Dire wants the phoenix mount so we've been doing that as we can. If it drops I'll pass it to him, he's always wanted that one mount, it is pretty flashy but I have a lot more mounts (than him) and probably wouldn't use it like he would.

WoW has a lot of depth, a lot of stuff to do. It keeps me coming back, it is nice to have options on what to do, plenty for Dire and I to work on together, so that's always a plus.

While I'm thinking on it, did anyone hear about the revert to 'finding' flight paths with the last patch? Characters now do not automatically unlock flight paths. Does that bother anyone else? Not because I'm so lazy, which I am really, but my beef is reverting it. I'm no longer playing alts, I cannot stomach it these days but I think that would be another reason not to roll a fresh alt to me. I don't like the fact of adding something then removing it and not even putting it in the patch notes. Sly...!

Since I don't have a lot of time some days, I've been poking around in GW2. I know, I sometimes knock ANet but I can't deny it is a good game. It has a lot of great points. I cannot get over how smooth leveling is.  Working with people out in the world, it just never gets old. In WoW I sometimes dread competition on mobs for daily quests or tagging a node. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is nice to be happy to see more people around questing as you all work together for the most part. Not like anyone is chatting it up in other games, so who cares if we're silent here too? If ANet got anything right, the cooperative aspect of this game is what draws me back in. That and the casual focus on things. I can pop in do some stuff and pop out, but still really feel like I did some stuff, sometimes I get the daily, sometimes I don't. Right now it isn't a huge deal.

What have I been playing? I started a few alts to try out some classes I have not tried yet. The thief is great, but not sure I want to play it up now. I've also been puttering around on some older chars. I got a couple of levels on my ranger. I'll probably stick with the guardian, as it is really fun and very strong. I found a new love for the great swords... SPIN, SPIN, SPIN... Everything is dead!

I decided to work on HoM a bit, a bit of hair pulling there. Sometimes I try a little, but it is hard work and takes time, which is fine but it is really hard on a fresh character. Just unlocking HoM was a lot of work, as I had to start a fresh character as well. I now have five points, lol, don't laugh. Not a big number, but I was so excited to unlock the shoulders and gloves for the heritage sets! Five is better than none, proud to even have that. Huzzah!

When I first got my tapestry for HoM, in Guild Wars, I ran in excitedly, all in haste. Having no clue what I was doing, not even thinking I should look it up... I put the tapestry in the wrong spot. So I had to either run more missions, which I was doing but it was taking a lot of time and it was a lot of work. A lot of work to do in one game just for cosmetic things in another! So this has been on hold for several months. Recently, after some research, I found that you can actually buy HoM tapestries from other players. The problem was, will anyone sell to me? I don't have much money, a little bit, but I do have plenty of mini pets. I found a kind soul to trade me and I got a few points there. HoM is no joke, it is a lot of work. I also gained a title, which was  a sweet bonus.

So, that's what I've been up to. Playing dress up with those gorgeous Sylvari. Beating things with great swords. Just having fun, causally, in my own time. Guild Wars 2 is good for that. I might as well try for a max level. Which I will get in time, I just don't know how soon that will be, lol. Hopefully it won't take me too long, then I can sit back and farm for ectos or something... Whatever you guys do at max level ;)

Have a great week! Pics, pics, and more pics- because- I have a twitch in my SS finger!

The solo 'treasure' scenario. Pretty cool, gets a thumbs up from me. New transmog, woo!

Black Temple.

Just because Illidan Stormrage is the coolest boss ever.

My champion and I ;)

Love the art style and concept art that GW2 features and is based off.

Human male in heritage plate. 

I love this race... they just need some new dance moves.

Loved this loading screen.

<3 great="" sword="" td="" that="">

My sneaky, little thief. 


  1. Hope you get back to playing WoW more soon. I'm level 57 on my new warrior as I type this. I know I'm playing on a different server right now, but I'd still like to group when we can. There's always my 85 rogue idling away as well.

    1. Heyas, haven't seen you on when I am on. Been doing scenarios a few nights this week in WoW. Just been playing everything rather lightly. Will be fun when the three of us can do them together XD




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