Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monkeying Around

Dire and I, just a couple of 'dookers' hangin' out. 

Lately I've only had time to really play one game, so I've mostly focused on WoW. There is always a lot to do. Different things, different days, which keeps things fun and fresh. I do want to progress in GW2 but I think that will be a slow process for now. I'm not feeling the game is going in exactly the direction I want for a main game but it is fine for something on the side.

In WoW Dire and I do scenarios when we're not too tired, or we run some old content. Scenarios are fantastic for us! He doesn't have much time to play some days so we get instant queues and we've actually gotten some decent gear from them, I got lucky and had some epic legs drop out of the cache. These instances are not too long, some are better than others, not tons of trash to clear through just objectives really. I don't miss the whole trinity thing in these, he does go tank spec which helps out a lot, I throw out candy (health stones) which can help too. I was considering switching my druid to the horde to throw heals when the 'heroic' versions come out, still not sure if I want to or not.

Other than that I've been taming pets, I spent a few hours looking for the giraffe pet in the barrens and got lucky to see it spawn! I think I spent three or four hours searching it, all together. Which is not bad considering how many people are chasing it with CRZ. At times like this I do not care for CRZ, zones become too crowded sometimes and it cam make finding certain pets a nightmare.

I did manage to pop into Free Realms recently. I wanted to check on my monthly rewards and see if anything was new. The website is quite terrible with information regarding events. They really need to keep on the ball. But I'm glad I did log in, I got to participate in the St. Patty's day event getting some sweet swag. I got a neat particle effect clover for my main hand item (adventure clothing), a very nifty shirt with a moving rainbow on it, a leprechaun outfit and a pot of gold to put in one of my houses.

Free realms is a game I always love to go back to. It has had some neat updates, I've not had a chance to mess around much with the new area but I like what I've seen. I also like the farms there, they are similar to those in WoW. I guess you could say WoW copied Free Realms with that idea, lol. Pretty much the same thing. Free Realms is a nice game to get away from everything. There really isn't much competition, just silly things, fun things, do whatever you want, skip it if you don't like it. I do wish it had a little more depth in some areas but there is a lot more than meets the eye with FR. Many collection quests, new content, instances, mini games, all around a lot to do.

That's it for me today, have a great week!

Back to the Black Temple.

Drop my shoulders, you weird, ugly... thing. She did too, finally!

Making a mushroom ring. 

Another transmog outfit and my cute little mountain panda pet. 

Mah giraffe pet. Too dark, I know. I need a new monitor me thinks :(

Farming cloth in Shadow Fang Keep. Love the windows, wish we had housing!

Scarlet Monastery, farming more cloth for tailoring. 

Final Boss, Tempest Keep- Eye. He can be quite annoying sometimes. Dire and I farm him once a week, meh!

It is so nice sometimes to go visit classic zones, even if they have changed too much. I miss the old days, they had something special. Or maybe we ran them so many times they are imprinted in our brains forever. I can see it now, in my eighties, I won't be able to remember my name but I will be able to tell you every detail about SM, DM, and all those classic instances, lol. 


  1. Level 86! I'm guessing it'll take me the better part of a week to actually play through Pandaria. I'm trying to actually read all the quest and find all the little lore bits scattered around.

    Check out my armory for my latest mog :p

    1. Derp...

    2. Gratz!! I might level my pally to heal, messing about on her this afternoon a little. I love plate, transmogs should be FUN! Yours looks awesome XD




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