Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Baby

Lack of posting will be due to our new 'baby'. I call her "The Mean Machine". Pics below ;) Plus, I'm packing this month and next, will be moving into a LOVELY house, next door to my mother, lol. Busy days but I'll still be posting. I wonder if the Mr. will mind if I hang my Kaozz dog tag in the rearview mirror, heh. Right now I need to go to think up an excuse to go drive... I think we might need some more milk, um, the cats drank it all somehow, yeah, that's what happened to it.  Lol, have a great weekend, peeps!


  1. Okay. Two things... Great car. Awesome TSW-like outfit. I WENT SQUEE! :D

    1. Hehe, ty Victor! My mother always says I dress like the characters I play in games, LOL. Much appreciated on the TSW compliment <3 I love the style there!

  2. That is a sweet looking car!




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