Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy Bee

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, ours was a bit extended, thus Dire had me playing more EverQuest than I had planned, lol. My cleric made it to 92 with close to 3k AAs, which make a huge difference. We're going to both park at 92 for awhile and just work on AA's and such, flags or whatnot. My other (main) characters are a tad higher, the Magician is 93 and the Druid 95, but this one is pulling ahead in the AA department. We also did the J5 merc quest, which gives us the strongest mercenaries out there. The quest isn't hard it just can be rather long waiting on spawns and such, especially if other people are working on it as well. I suppose it was harder with other duo's but Dire's SK is a beast, he has some decent gear and a hefty amount of AA points, he made this cake for us.

Right now we're having some issues with mercs bugging though. Dire couldn't purchase anything other than the healer merc from Hydra Ware in PoK, so he wasn't able to purchase any others for the extra slots he has (you can have up to six slots and swap them out on the fly). Very annoying, which means petition time. Me? I can't even purchase a J5 merc, it isn't showing that I'm flagged for it. I've done the quest on all my other 90+ characters so I know it was finished. I just think right now there is an issue with mercs that needs to be looked into. Dire was pretty irritated last night, but it happens sometimes, no game is immune to bugs and the occasional hiccup.

Other than that EQ has been going well. Dire is always very happy when I log in, but it does take time away from my other gaming, besides a little time in the evenings, or early in the mornings, if I am not too tired. But I enjoy spending time in Norrath with him, so putting other games on the back burner for now isn't a big deal. Vanguard has taken a little bit of a back seat but I hope to have more gusto later this week, getting back in, playing around with my new shaman spells a bit. The cleric needs some levels as well! And I am still logging into Rift, though I am not as active as I want to be, with Feb events rolling around I'm sure I'll be on much more. I just lost stamina to play every day. Plus, I had an officer leave and take a big chunk of money from the bank, which really felt like a kick in the gut there, as I have spent SO much on the guild. All of my free money has gone into it, the hall, extra item slots, bank tabs and such, it adds up to a small fortune. Some of the drama taxed me though, but I did love that little guild, still do.

While I'm not blowing through the levels in WoW, I am enjoying playing it again. *surprise face* =o I didn't expect to play anytime soon again but it just happened that way. I am working my way through 88, I really want to hit 90 with the hunter. I think I will keep my sub alive just so I can. Another thing that really keeps me interested in is the fact that there is just so much to do. That is always a huge plus in any game I play, I like to have goals and things to do, it is how my mind works, I always have to be doing something, have an objective, RL and in game.

Over the weekend I managed to get my little dark moon monkey pet, yay! That is the first I've gotten, I am always so bad on char hopping when the event hits. So I was pretty happy to finally get this cute little pet, he matches my combat pet, twins! (pictured below)

Not the most exciting post but we're enjoying things on our end. I have some interesting topics I want to touch on, just need to get the time to sit still and jot them down! I look forward to the many events heading out way this month for Valentine's Day, can't wait! And the title? I think I've been listening to too much Steam Powered Giraffe, lol.

Monkeys! I love you, monkeys!

The gang... An escort quest in MoP. 

Fun little quest where you get to ride this mean gal and kill Dookers, err I mean Hozen. . 

Dark Moon carousel, gives a faction buff.  

Up, up and away!

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