Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Playlist- February

What's in your playlist this month? Mine is all over the place, these are some of my favorites lately, thought I'd share them. While many of these games we play have amazing soundtracks it is always nice to add our own to things, isn't it?  Anyhow, let's get started, shall we? Enjoy!

Dire found this song and I was hooked, it's just awesome. John Martin is singing in this one, that guy has an amazing voice.

My son has me listening to this band, this is his favorite song. They tend to grow on you, he's come home to me playing them more than once! I love this song, HoneyBee. Plus, these guys are a real treat to watch, they have a very cool steampunk/robotic thing going on, so much awesome.

I really love the edgy sound that Metric has, this is my favorite song by them. I have a thing with hammers... Maybe it's all those clerics I play >.>

Don't be scared off by the name, heh, this band has a real disco vibe. The song, well, it is one of my all time favorites. I can't get enough of it, I even made it my new ringtone. Knocking out the levels with this song going just feels like playing on cruise control, until I boogie out of the chair and fall on my arse... Ouch... But I don't feel like dancin'!

Last, but not least, Muse. I love this band, this song is one of their best in my opinion. This song is just so good.

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