Saturday, February 2, 2013

Queen For A Day (WoW)

The past few days I've been puttering around in WoW. My son's playing stint was short lived, leaving my account activated and just sitting there, thus I figure I'd pop in on a few times. I almost have my hunter caught up in level to my other two highest chars, druid and lock, whom are 88. But yeah, the Hunter was my first choice to get 90 with, wish I had stuck to my guns. Heh, get it? I would be 88 with her if I stopped getting distracted...

Yesterday I happened to peek over on petopia and find the cutest little monkey pet with a fez hat (Gib the Bananna horder). I just had to have him, which ended up 'wasting' about an hour and a half camping him because he wasn't up. Luckily he didn't take too long, and while I saw a few other hunters popping in, none bothered me. He is so awesome!

Then later in the evening I decide I want to finish off my incomplete transmog set... except I need the rest of it from BWL. I've never actually been in there. I read about one class soloing it, was it hunter? The mechanic is a right pain in the arse on the entry boss and I didn't have anyone to help me with it. Turns out it was hunter, a goblin can as well and I'd guess an engineer, as long as you can boost yourself up on the ledge to reset the fight. The biggest key, I found, is to make sure you have aggro on Razorgore, you have to be on the top of the aggro list. If not: he will die and everyone, even you, will be oneshotted. If you DO have aggro then he will go invincible, thus you can reset it and have at this fight.

To see exactly what I am talking about check out this awesome video and guide here. If you happen to read the comments on the youtube video many will say it was hotfixed, it doesn't work anymore, not true. I did it last night, still works. It took me about four tries to actually get a feel for the mechanics and learn what I was doing wrong but I got it! That was a happy moment!

I cleared the whole instance out, I've never set foot in here, other to die once finding out the mechanic needed a work around, so this was a really epic night for me. I got to see a place in WoW I've never set foot in. After playing for so long it is refreshing. When I came upon Chromaggus it was a real decision.... Do I tame him?! Or do I hope he drops his pet?! I decided to see if the pet drops and tame him next week. I was very happy that the little pet did drop!

The rest of the instance was pretty neat, I got some of my Dragonstalker armor that I needed (chest, head, belt), it is so purple and pretty! I'm sure it will be even easier at 90, but I just get so distracted and have to go off and do all these fun things instead of leveling. Speaking of... I need to get back to that this afternoon. It was nice feeling on top of the world (of Azeroth) for a day, excitement of something new and challenging, it was a real treat.

Anyhow, have a great weekend!
Sharing some pics:

I had to head into UBRS for a quick run to get keyed for BWL. My little monkey pet there in this pic :) He still needs a name :(

Might as well stop for an achievement! Which I think I got more whelps than I needed, just had to be sure, lol. 

In the corner, making sure I had aggro. 

Dead at last!

Second boss.

Woot! Pet time!!

Wasn't sure what exactly to do here, think there was a mechanic I missed on this fight, just bruted through it, lol. 

I wonder what this does? 


Umm.... Get em pet?


Stop hitting me, I'm trying to loot! Yay, my items!

Completed the transmog with a big, mean gun! I love this gun, it is an old gizzly hills quest. luckily I never had a chance to complete it and toss the gun. It is called The Bondsniper. There are a few quests in Wrath for different colors. 

A good night, much fun!

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