Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out With The New, In With The Old

Dire and I on our awesome RoF mounts! They're so 'handy', lol. Grab, em while you can, haha.

First post for the year, hope everyone had a great new year. Dire took off the weekend and ended up with a nice few days off. Which was really great, it is rare he gets that many days off. So we played EverQuest. Our Druid and Warrior combo is sitting at 75, working on AA currently. He's sitting on over 500 and I'm creeping closer to 400. They have helped immensely already. There was double xp which was awesome. Seems like a lot but if you know where to go and what to do, add in another player, and it just will fly by.

We also picked up the newest expansion, I can now set up an offline trader- WOOT! I also got the collectors edition of Rain of Fear. This came with a really cool 'tree' house. I puttered around decorating it and I really love it. I also worked on our guild hall and got it sorted out, since it was sent back to me. It had been quite awhile since I had logged in.... oops. Speaking of, the guild is currently just us and that is more than fine with me. I don't think I have it in me to entertain anyone more than Dire any myself, lol. 

I've thought about playing my main a bit, she is a 93 magician, but mostly I play with Dire. The game, for me, is much more fun when you have someone else to play with. I do on occasion log in by myself but mostly I'll goof off with housing, work on something besides grinding xp. Thus the Druid is great with any other class really, so I just stick with that for now.

When I haven't been playing EQ with him, well I haven't had time to play anything else really. Having both my guys off has kept me busy. I've been watching my son play Black Ops, the zombie mode. He got the new game for Christmas, he keeps trying to get me to play. Maybe I'll break down and try, I know I'll just end up being dead weight, haha. 

Still playing Rift, though I haven't had much time to. I have a years sub so I can pop in whenever I want. Over the weekend I logged in and ended up having to remove someone. It was an angry player who I had tried not give a chance but in the end: I don't have time to babysit idiots. I'm not here to hold anyone's hand and make them behave. Want to be a jerk, do it on your own time. They insisted on arguing and causing trouble with many other members, a very angry individual. I feel bad I let them stay as long as I did. There was a lot of drama that spun off from this, another member ended up ignoring half of the guild and I don't even want to think about that situation right now....  

I created the guild for a place to get away from drama. When I am on it really isn't a problem, but when I am gone for days it can get out of control, I don't really understand it. I promoted a couple of really solid members to take charge and do as they see fit when I am not on. This week I should be on more. In a way it sort of puts more weight on my shoulders. I'm not anyone to tell people what to do, but some people seem to like guidance. I have a short fuse so it is quite a job to remain calm and pause before acting but somehow I do it. I guess that is part of the reason I also needed a few days away, that and being very busy over the holidays. Good busy though! Hopefully things will settle down when I start logging in more. 

So what else did I do over the holidays? I did have a little time to play around on my own. I tried Wurm Online again. That game is very in-depth  It is lovely but playing in first person was very odd, the last time I did that was in the early years of EverQuest. I can't stand it. I guess you can get used to it. I might putter with it here and there but it requires far more time than I am willing to put into it, I can already see that. It also has a large margin for people to grief and that is another thing I do not have time for. But something to explore on and putter around, could be cool. I've read about people having to log in for 2-3 hours a day just to maintain their land, animals and so on, that is before you even do anything else. A bit too realistic? It was fun chopping down trees and stuff. I suppose one of these days I'll explore and try not to die.

I logged into GW2 for the finale of Winter's Day. Which I read about a nice bundle of gifts being given out to players, but I was bugged and this didn't happen. So I put in a ticket, get a reply, which basically was a generic 'Didn't read don't care!' reply. The general message was that: You (I) deleted items we cannot restore. Um, I didn't even get the items to delete. Replied to that, rather testily. I mean who wants to go in circles with customer service that: A. Has no reading comprehension, or B. Doesn't give a rat's ass? With that, I have to say, I wash my hands of GW2. ANet can kiss my grits, whatever. I don't even like the direction the game is going. To me it lacks depth and direction. It is easily picked up and just as easily forgotten as well. It takes a lot for ME to say that as well- I don't like to say I quit any game. But I'll say it would take a hell of a lot to get me to log in again. The fastest way to turn me away is crappy customer service/support. 

What else? I updated TSW. Since it is now B2P. Messed around a bit, got a haircut, woo new barbershop! I think I'll save it for a rainy day though. Was good to log in, I am very glad it is more accessible now. I love the feel of the game but it just is hard to slip out of the levels mentality! I like levels and them meaning something I guess I'm just old school, I crave the old ways. 

Which leads to what I've been playing this morning: Vanguard Saga of Heroes. I popped in over the holidays, got the reindeer mount didn't do much, but this morning I felt like just getting lost in the world of Telon. It is such an expanse and beautiful world. I wanted to play around on one of my higher chars, but I have no bag room, they are full and I cannot access my bank being free to play. Before I sub I always want to make sure I WILL play enough to warrant one, right now I just wanted to putter around with F2P. So I logged on my baby Shaman.... She is now 13. I think at 16 I get a pet, I sure hope it is 16! I remember reading how horrible the class was until the pet. While it isn't the greatest, it is not as bad as I remembered. I guess after playing EverQuest it does feel faster paced combat, even on the lower DPS classes, lol.

I mentioned in one of my last posts, or made a comment rather, how I really was worried about what would be there for end game for someone like me. I don't raid, don't want to raid much either. But it looks like good things are in store for Vanguard, check out this post to see what it on the horizon. It gives me something to look forward to. Solo content and group content, as well as raid content, that is awesome! Plus, there seems to be some interesting stuff ahead of Vanguard this month with the anniversary and all. I hope to hear more about that soon!

Yep, a lot of returning to OLD stuff. Not all this shiny new stuff. Jumping puzzles and dodging all over the 'forking' (forking is mah new word, get used to it) screen are not going to keep this ol' gamer. Games that offer depth and have a charm about them get me, not gimmicks that cause me wrist pain, heh.

Anyhow... Sounds like a lot but really I haven't done too much besides play EQ with Dire. Which is nice because he loves it when I play that with him. I enjoy it, especially spending time with him. We work well together and I don't mind playing something that makes him happy, he's followed me to many, many different games. So, that is it for today. Safe adventures and all that ;)

Guild hall entrance, though I've add more since the pic.

Decorating the guild hall. 

Front of guild hall.

Back of guild hall. My little pond with swans, awwww.

Decorating my front yard, behind me is my awesome tree house. I'll have to post n ewer pics of the yard.

Setting up the inside of my house.

Dire helping me get a few AA with his SK. I just stand there and soak up the xp, lol. 

Exploring in Vanguard. This mount is so wonderful for exploring!


  1. The hand mounts are kind of creepy!

    1. Hehe, yeah. I love creepy stuff like that. I remember years ago when I first saw the hand mobs in the game, in unrest, thought they were awesome, lol.




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