Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Randolph The Reindeer- Vanguard SoH. Basically you talk to an NPC to get him. Sooo nice to fly around the world, too bad it doesn't work after the holiday. That was nerfed back in March :(


I really would love to sub back to Vanguard, I just wonder how much the game will offer me in the long run. On a positive note more content is coming out soon... But I'm not interested in raiding :(

A six dot level 20 mob. Too bad we couldn't kill him because we couldn't get more than three players.... Seriously why wasn't this changed to a group mob? This is what holds me back from Vanguard SoH, though it is a truly awesome game in many aspects, it sometimes feels so neglected still. However I still love it.

A woodelf and her jester dolly.

Dire and I. BIG BOOTS FTW. My new BIG Galoshes.. Gotta love Hero's Forge. I like Big Boots and I cannot lie... Anyhow...

 Clearing out the towers in BoT. Double XP today and tomorrow in EQ!

Happy New Year!

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