Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eye Candy- Around The World(s)

The beauty that is Vanguard. I never tire of the scenery.

One of the lower level areas, questing one evening.

My shaman and her pet. She's the panda ;) Too cute! What is nice is I don't always have to wear the illusion to get the buff. I love that.

I'm meeeelting...

Randolph has let me take some awesome shots and see scenery and areas I haven't before.

Questing with my holiday mask, heh. This quest just had me throw bodies over the bridge, lol. Which then came back as undead and attacked me, was pretty funny as I did not expect that!

Neat looking mob, would make a very interesting visage/illusion!

Taking a break in town.

Hanging out in Everquest. The siren illusion is now in the cash shop, yeah I HAD to get it. LOVE it!

Flying around on Randolph.

Dire and I working on xp- EverQuest.

Rift, phase three of the holiday event. It sent me on a boat, lol. 

EverQuest. I mostly just play with Dire but I enjoy it. Feels rather slow when I solo but quite nice as a duo. I'm glad we play something together again. 

Our guild neighborhood, outside the hall. 

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