Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up

My unicorn who is full of awesome, found in a lockbox. I generally hate lockboxes but SOE fills theirs full of awesome, so I can't help but opening them...

So, this year isn't going as planned, game wise.. Still playing Rift, though not as much. I think I just got overwhelmed with a few things. Such as a brick wall smacking me in the face at level 54. Things were slow but now they are like molasses, as far as xp goes. Half the time I log in, talk to the guild, get stuff sorted out, piddle around in my house and log out, I might get in one quest and try to help with the guild quest. I sort of lost that drive I had. Frankly it was what pushed me through those levels too. I don't mind slow leveling but I ran out of carnage quests, if I do another IA I think I will poke my eyes out (did nothing but IA's from 23-48). The mobs are getting tougher, they are already 2-3 levels above me where I am questing. I just can't slosh through that every day. There isn't any variety on where to go either, so that puts a damper on things. Top it off with some guild issues and you get me needing some space. I am still logging in a few times a week, I do miss my guild. I feel very guilty at the same time. But I am just recovering from the holidays, lots of family time and that left little for anything else too, that was a big reason but not the only one.

EverQuest. This I will admit I am playing solely for my husband. He really loves me playing. While I too enjoy playing, I grow bored when I play alone. I think I am spoiled by questing, changing scenery in other games. But it is a nice pace, a nice setting when you have someone else to play with! It is good as we play a game together again, he's having the greatest time and I like to see that. I just can't solo very much, no willpower, so I log in when the Mr. wants to.

When I do get some time, I have been setting time just for me, where I won't be interrupted, just to play Vanguard. It is lovely. It is peaceful and while EQ and Rift have amazing player bases so does this game. Chat isn't nearly as dirty as either of them. I swear both of those games have some really crazy stuff going on, esp late at night. Things have change, just a little. It still feels like going back in time, a simpler time in MMO games. Things were not faceroll, but they were not always hard either, yet stuff could still rip you a new one, you had to be careful.

So for now, Vanguard is like an unopened box of candies, waiting to be sampled. I soak in the scenery, sample quests from all over and just have a splendid time. I go off on my own, with my pet and explore, sometimes veering off the path to see where something may lead to.

I recently changed from a bear shaman to wolf, I wanted to see what it was like. I am very happy I went with the change. For now it is a lot of fun, faster kills, amazingly fast run speed, which is neat, invis in about six levels, nice buffs, good damage. I hit level 20 today with the shaman, enjoying it a lot. I am glad I picked her back up, I never though I'd see the say she hit 16, for the pets, much less 20. So I'm proud of hitting that, I am bad about sticking with things!

Questing is going well, I hop around. Sometimes I solo small group quests. I want to join in some dungeon groups eventually, for now I enjoy soloing and wandering around. I see more people than I did before the free to play launch. Speaking of I am still playing for free. I plan on subbing at the end of the week because I want to support the game while I play. But with a lower level character it hasn't been bad at all. I know getting higher up it would be much more restrictive but for now it isn't too harsh on me.

There is a silver cloud for Vanguard Saga of Heroes, honestly. While some may complain how it was neglected and left on life support for, what, five years, by SOE, at the same time, it wasn't shut down. At the same time it is one of the few games I can go back into that moment, that moment when MMO games had an awesomeness about them. I can almost go back in time, to a place where people worked together, where DPS meters were not spammed, where people were civil and spoke to each other, where actual skill was valued. It hasn't been morphed and changed and given so many face lifts where it isn't even the same game. While we may still have bugs, we still have a good foundation, depth, charm, beauty, lore, choices... Things many, many MMO games are lacking currently.

Why do I quit playing? Why do I get bored and quit playing any game? Blame that on my ADD, seriously, it's a curse, but I suppose it makes for interesting varieties with posts... It has taken me a week to pump out this post, huzzah! Anyhow, if you play and want to say hello (Telon) look me up on Bambi.

That's it for today, have a great day ;)

Video courtesy of Ardwulf.

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