Friday, January 11, 2013

Hells Yeah! (Vanguard Saga of Heroes)

My little shaman now has her flying mount at 21. One of my favorite things to do in vanguard is exploring, this enables me to fly through the sky and just cruise around. While it might trivialize things for some it just adds to the excitement of exploration to places I've never seen. Since starting Vanguard, I have ALWAYS wanted my own flying mount. Before Free to play they were pretty tough to get and it had looked like it would be sometime far, far off if I ever got my own.

This one dropped from a random lockbox. All in all I might have spent around ten bucks on opening them, many free keys, potions, three mounts, one which I sold for a few gold. While I don't like lockboxes, the luck with these seems better than many in other games, thus you don't feel bad dropping a few bucks into the game to get some cool things and support it at the same time. Anyhow, I'll be soaring through the sky on this lovely beast today, lol.

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