Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eye Candy

Meet Gwin THE AWESOME. The Christmas Ferret! He's been taking up a lot of my time.
Blame him for lack of posts!

New mount, a LoN claim. Woot! Very fast mount and it looks sweet too. 

Dire and I in Dragon Necropolis.

My spooky pumpkin pet and I.

Back off THUNDER THIGHS! Was a weird shot as a mob ran across the screen as I was taking it, lol.

Love the different colors of the sky in Rift.

Some of my Christmas/Yule decorations in my dimension- Rift.
Christmas in Vanguard SoH! Scary masks galore! Damn you Vanguard, you make me want another sub... lol.

The presents around the tree are able to loot over and over, while you will get a lot of candy/junk, there are
a lot of neat house decorations inside, as well as masks.

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