Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quality Holiday Time

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a lovely time, Dire even managed to get some much needed time off. Thus we ended up playing EverQuest. Which I really didn't expect to do. Last week he decided he wanted to play again and he's been mentioning how fun it would be if we started another duo, fresh and go through fun old content. He often goes to many games I play, gives them a shot at least, so I thought it only fair to play something with him this time. Since he plays so little I figured it couldn't hurt and I actually enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. Plus, it seems we had some free time on the accounts, via a promotion. We also got a massive bag through the /claim, yay.

We managed to hit level 50 by the time we finished up the weekend play. In all reality it just flew by, plus we have the grandfathered recruit a friend bonus on our linked accounts. He made a warrior and I a druid. EverQuest is a much different game than it was back in the day, but it still has a lot of good memories for us, many of the mechanics are the same as well. It isn't the time consuming MMO it once was, which makes it much easier to jump into. It does take longer for things than a lot of newer games but being able to get going isn't the task it once was. Instead of looking for a group for ages, we can just grab some mercs or duo.

What I like about EverQuest is that it doesn't feel shallow. It doesn't feel like there is nothing to do when you get to the cap. You also don't feel rushed to the cap, there is so much to do along the way. Often locking in a level to work on AA is the thing to do and it doesn't feel like your hindering your progress. It can get repetitive though, but it is also nice that there are so many routes you can go while leveling. 'Where do we go today?' Is often something we ask each other when we are playing.

I'm still playing Rift! I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, I have a year sub there. I didn't get much playing over the weekend but that was because I was spending time with family mostly, doing last min shopping and such. I do admit sometimes being the leader of even a small, and growing guild, can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. I think that has a lot to do with personal reasons, which I'll touch on in another post. Anyhow, wonderful people in this guild. I just can't get over how much I enjoy the community in Rift. Always friendly people, lots of interaction, even with people outside the guild. Reminds me of the old days of EQ, people were just more... social. They still shock me in EQ as well, in a good way, it's a caliber of people you don't find in most new games, or should I say- Games that don't really have a reason to focus on community.

Other than EQ and Rift, I did manage to poke into EQ2. Not that I got much done. I want to do some holiday crafting over the next few days, as time allows. I read that EQ2 was having a promotion for free time also, but I'm not flagged for it I suppose. I don't know what the requirements are for it, honestly. I logged into GW2, saw a few events but didn't really do much. The event didn't feel like it had much direction so I didn't feel like I needed to get sucked into it. I just wanted to look and see how the art team did. It was a gorgeous work of art. GW2 might not be my favorite MMO but I do love the art direction, top notch. Just stunning!

So many wonderful holiday events this year, it is hard not to just run to them all and bounce around! It is also the first Christmas I can remember that I have NOT been playing WoW. It does feel weird but I miss the old WoW, not what it is now, but I guess that is nostalgia biting me. I'd love to be able to pop into TSW to see how it is doing but I just don't have the time right now. I will save that for a rainy day, when I need something new and fresh. I am glad it is there! Love the new direction they are going with B2P. It is a much better model than most of these F2P games that try to bleed your wallet dry.

Til next time! Safe adventures!


  1. EQ2's "free time" is a 2 week upgrade to Gold Status of any prior subscriber. I logged in on my level 90 SK and found my aa's reset, new AA trees, etc. Plus I'm on a new computer so I didn't have my Profit Reborn UI or anything. I set up the in-game UI to more or less match how I had my old Profit setup, then went through and allocated my AA's and.... had to log out. I hadn't even moved 1 step from where I logged in.

    After exiting the game, Raptr popped up and helpfully told my I'd just played 70 minutes of EQ2. Dang..... now I remember why it's hard to go back. 70 minutes just to set up my UI and AA's?

    I popped in again later and went and did a few encounters and found a few places to tweak my UI, and also that the default UI doesn't darken the icons very much so it's hard to tell when a skill's on cooldown or not. I swapped over to a level 55 Wizard I've got and I was able to load in the SK's UI settings, so that was nice, at least.

    Been doing a bunch of Rift. Got my cleric up to a bit past 58 and a half now, plus got my Rogue to 53. Crafting dailies provide a rather significant chunk of XP to toons in the lower 50's, which is nice. Though in the upper 50's when you start pushing a need for 5 million XP for a level, that 50K xp isn't quite so much then ;-) It's been fun running level 52 characters into the level 59-60 zones for quest turn-ins too. True exploration surround by mobs that can 2-shot me..... kind of a thrill really.

    Glad to be a part of Stellar and hope to see more of you online in Rift!

    1. *waves* Aw, I'm so glad you're a part of Stellar! We have some really great people, it still amazes me how the guild actually is starting to take off!

      I'm not going anywhere, I just bought a years sub and had a free 30 days added on top from RaF, lol. Just been busy with the holidays and family, and the new pet ferret... Lots of running after him. He's under my chair terrorizing the dog as I type this, LOL!

      I don't know what is up with my EQ2 account, just doesn't seem to have gotten the free time, not a huge deal though. Still plan on logging in to do the holiday stuff. Plus I did get the free time in EverQuest, which I'm utilizing with the hubby, he just adores EQ even if he can't play much.

      Gratz on 58! I am having trouble keeping up. For now it seems all of the mobs are higher than I and I can't catch up even going out of my way to do all the carnage quests. I wonder if I did something wrong. Ah well, I'll get to 60 eventually!




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