Friday, November 16, 2012

The Lost Shores, You Lost Me (GW2)

Now we all know what the signs were for: WARNING- LAG-FEST AHEAD!

So, about an hour ago the new event in GW2, The Lost Shores, kicked off. What can I say about it? Well, I do like GW2, I just am not big on cash shop lottos and one time events, thus I've been sort of turned away from the game lately. I wanted to give it another try, maybe I'm being too harsh on GW2. I figured I'd try out the second event they are offering and let my guard down.

I logged in with two minutes to spare and made it in with the cut scene. Which was a boat and some splashing, maybe I missed some of it? Lagged out so bad with rubber banding that I had to log out and back in. Logged back in, about six minutes of loading, this time I could see my character. However, skills were not working, most things were not showing up on the screen, huge delays in everything. All I saw in chat was cries about lag. Dead people everywhere.

This was not fun, I stuck it out for an hour, dying over and over to mobs I could not see, other deaths due to not being able to move or heal. It was a huge lag fest and this couldn't have been fun for many. I couldn't even loot items to turn into the quest, it was that bad. It felt so disjointed and confusing.

One time events? I think I'll pass for a lag-fest like this. Why not run it for a week or two, prevent issues like this and let everyone have some fun with the event. I'm really let down, I so wanted to be part of this but I'm done, stick a fork in me :( I couldn't even find the chest at the end. I was so disgusted I just logged out after talking with a friend for a few.

I really, really wanted to stick with GW2, but I cannot help be soured with things like this. Right now I just can't do it, all I can do is pop in here and there and focus on the good, when I don't feel that jaded feeling in the pit of my stomach. For me, these are the things that shape a game, hopefully the kinks will be ironed out before this just becomes normality, the general direction of the game.

I can't help but feel sad and let down. Sad because I don't like events to turn out like this, they should be fun and exciting, not confusing and disjointed feeling. Everyone should be able to participate, not just those of us who can make it.  Letdown because ANet isn't learning from their mistakes.

For those of you who are more willing to go at it again, here is a good link with info for this event.


  1. I really enjoyed it. I love big, chaotic one-off lagfest events in general, going all the way back to EQ and DAOC. They have a real sense of occasion even when they are really frustrating. This one, though, I didn't find pariticularly laggy at all, other than losing Guild Chat for a while.

    The follow-up "quest" was pretty good fun too. Overall I enjoyed it *much* more than the meh Halloween event and I'm looking forward to the next two parts.

    That's in terms of the content. Structurally I think the whole thing is deeply misguided and pigheaded and I'll probably be blogging about that tomorrow.

  2. I have to disagree with the notion that everyone should be able to see or participate and I say that as a player who missed both events, it just kinda smacks of entitled gamer. I kinda like the fact it creates excitement and a bit of chaos it makes it all a bit more special, if it was to be looped or repeated then it would have to either be instanced or just look silly imo.

  3. Entitled gamer? That might be a bit harsh wouldn't you say? Frankly I could care less about these mass events cause history has shown that what happened yesterday always happens regardless of the game. Despite my negativity, I like it when developers do things like this and I hope it continues, just with a bit more stability.

  4. I was thinking the same, Jay. I was thinking more along the lines of people like my husband, who simply wishes he could be there, but has a job that needs him on the days the event runs. He can't blow it off but I'm sure he WISHES he could attend, does that make him entitled? He's not even the one complaining, that would be me.

    I can attend every part if I choose to. Everyone has their own opinions but we have to remember, at the end of the day, this is just a game, just a business, we're all just customers and/or dollar signs (Black Lion Chests Anyone?). We're not visiting some magical fairy land where we're all deemed special heroes because we were able to attend. "Haha, I was there and you were not, suck it!" That's about as special as it gets, that's the reality of it.

    I like the fact that the company is trying to keep things fresh and exciting but this isn't 1999, nor is it 2005, server lag and bugs should be tested and prevented so everyone can enjoy events, especially if you have a limited three day event. The NA servers got hammered, the forums go on and on about the bugs and lag, so I know it just wasn't me and those I spoke with yesterday. There is too much competition today to let things like this happen. People, like myself, will just log into another game.

    While it is exciting to take part in these events, it is a lot more exciting to be able to spend them with friends and family. Or maybe I'm just being entitled, thinking this way :(

  5. And, BTW, thank you guys for stopping by to comment, I always love a good debate even if I get a bit long winded ;)

  6. Haha I wasn't meaning it to sound as harsh so apologies, I just sometimes feel that people expect too much. Would the opening of AQs gates have been epic if it was repeated? I just think the only way to make things repeatable and believable is to have it instanced....... then you would have people moaning about that.

  7. I dunno, I've still been having fun.

    That's right. Level 48, now with level 80 exotic weapon and trinket waiting for me in the bank, and a shiny 20 slot bag on the side. :)

    1. I'm glad you;re having fun, Rak! Gratz on those levels. I'll still play and poke in to chit chat with you, didn't manage to catch up with you this weekend. Maybe next week I'll see if I catch up with you. Awesome pic, knew you'd be a Char, haha!

    2. Of course I'm a charr. They're the only ones with tails. I'm up to 62 now, so you best get moving on those levels.

      Did you two join a guild yet? Make your own? I like that you can be in several at once. I'm working on my own private one for a personal guild bank. Training my first upgrade right now.

    3. Hehe. I joined a guild or few... There is one I mainly stick around in for chat though. Haven't made my own, wanted to join one with some people.

      Gratz on the levels! Been working on Rift still, hit 41 this morning :) You've well passed me in GW2, heh.




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