Eye Candy (Rift)

Running some instant adventures.

A lovely, but creepy, cottage, full of vampires upon closer inspection.

More questing with mah pet.

Looking ahead.

I love the colors and feel of the zones in Rift.

I'd so love to have this house in a dimension!

Just checking out the interior, quite cozy once you clean out the vampires.

I love these huge trees, what a wonderful forest to explore and quest in!


There is actually a dimension with the creepy atmosphere similar to that and not too far from the mansion effect. It is called "Stone Flask Tavern" , it comes with a "tavern" , but nothing stops you from making it into a Creepy Mansion. You can look at it here:


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Thanks for the link! Yes, that is a good idea. I need to save up a lot to get that one!

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