Friday, November 16, 2012


We have a barber now! My Bella got a makeover!

Lots going on out there in 'MMO Land'. Glitch is closing it's doors in December, which is very sad. I think a lot of niche games like this would flourish better on the mobile platforms. I really would have played the heck out of it on my Android, I had often wished it was a mobile game. I think it is something developers should consider in the future: Is this a game that will survive as a PC game or would it really flourish as a mobile game? When I sit down at my PC I'm not wanting to play a FB game or something so laid back, I can do that on my mobile device, just something that crossed my mind. It is sad to see this cute little game go away though, I enjoyed it, such a unique game, but never played it enough to be able to help fund it.

GW2 has some new content and an event kicking off this weekend, The Lost Shores. After the last event I'm not sure how much I feel like logging in to try it, but I think I may pop in and at least see how it starts off. Looks like weapon skins will be available in the cash shop this time. There is a new area and I've read players will be up-scaled if they are too low to participate, for the weekend event.

There is also a hot debate about the direction of gear, the new gear grind being added to GW2. There is a massive, massive forum topic you can check out here. It does seem to go against the projected image of the game, the initial direction of the game. As others have stated, you can make another gear grinding centered MMO, nothing wrong with that, you just can't expect people to be happy when you claim you're game is going another direction and then turn it into another gear grind. All I can think is GW2 has some very poor management. ANet has gotten a lot of heat with recent choices. It is a fabulous game, at the core, I do hope they don't try to milk it for all it is worth and run it into the ground.

However, I do want to pop in, since I own the game. I really had high hopes for GW2, especially since I enjoyed the first title and how the game was handled, it was great. We'll see how this event goes, I wonder if the new gear deal is going to overshadow it though.

ToR went F2P and I'd like to pop in but I'm wondering about the restrictions, I don't know if I'd even enjoy it. I do plan on trying it again, at some point. I hope the game does better but with all the silly choices going live with F2P I don't know. Paying to hide a head slot or to add more action bars? I do wish them the best though... maybe I also wish them to get real with some of these ideas, heh.

WoW is getting even more to do in the next patch and I haven't even it 90! I really love the expansion, I am enjoying the content. I think it is a really refreshing expansion but I think I am just kind of bored sometimes. I log in still but not for more than an hour a day tops. It isn't the game it is just me I suppose. Still enjoying it, just not playing as much lately. I'm sure in a few weeks or so I'll get a second wind and pick back up.

Rift is very exciting, even though I'm not able to participate in the newest content Storm Legion offers. I'm doing a lot of instant adventures, which I love. Boom, boom, boom, tons of xp and very enjoyable. People seem to work together well, most of the time. While we don't always talk we seem to have a synergy of sticking together and helping each other, it's weird. People seem to be pretty nice here too. I suppose because, here in Rift, we have more things that help promote being kinder to people, they are on your server, you will run into them again. I find myself throwing heals to keep up members, watching after those lower levels w/o mounts, who always seem to lag along at the back of the pack and get all the adds. I guess that is just me, it is always great to work as a team and have reasons to support your allies. I love it.

While I haven't grouped in an instance I am having a total blast with instant adventures. I can see them taking over most of my leveling progression. I'm still popping into zones as I level, I want to see more of the game. Instant adventures are very addicting though! These groups grow and shrink, people come and go. Sometimes they are huge groups, all of us working together to defeat massive waves of mobs, other times it is just one other stranger and I working together to complete a goal we have in general. I find myself more inclined to talk in these groups than I would in other random groups in different games.

Anyhow, enough gushing. The game has changed a lot. No longer do I have problems exploring and riding across zones, I don't have masses of mobs chasing me like I did at release. It seems more polished with lots more to do. I'm working on a Necro/Chloro build that is decent for soloing and helpful with random rifts and events. Not the best DPS oriented build I'd guess, but for what I want and need, it is pretty stable, exactly what I am looking for. I'm very glad I picked up the mage again. I did manage to try the Harbinger pre-made build which was very cool, I think I need more levels for it to truly shine though. Very awesome concept, I can myself playing it lots more around 50 or so.

It is all shiny and new again, refreshing, lots to so, different specs to play around with. I think that is what I needed to get me excited about a game again. I'm glad I am back, it's been quite enjoyable! And... Ding 30. I picked back up at 23 and I'm looking forward to seeing more levels!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, leaving some lovely shots from Rift!

Off to another instant adventure.

A clicky item I had in my bags, I could use at level 30. I think this was from Rift's first world event.

Fishing, I really enjoy this profession in any game. Rift seems to have nailed it.

Following the pack.

A gorgeous Death Rift ahead.

Another lovely sight to see, though sometimes there are too many of these around, lol.

Visiting a gorgeous dimension. This is the one I want... 500p!! I have a lot of saving up to do.

The grand canyon? LoL.

An invasion boss.

Fire rift.

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