Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Expansions, Expansions...

Looking forward to whats ahead.

Yesterday Rift AND EQ2 had expansions release. Oh my, do I get one? Do I get both? Do I just wait and see which sounds better?

On one hand we have EQ2, I have a level 90 with lacking AA points, close to the required amount to move up, not quite there yet. I play very, very casually here and there, not too continually these days. A few times a week at most, which left me way behind on the AA count, I just don't play enough and thus I didn't make it to the AA cap to get 92 before this expansion hit. So playing would mean being a full expansion behind even though I've had it the whole time.

On the upside, you can claim (2 per account) an item to bump you up to the max AA count. Good idea but a bit late for me. I mean, sure, I'm casual, but that doesn't mean I don't want to play with the new content, like I have not been able to keep up with over the last year, I've not set foot in it yet, it's already outdated! I think it was a very flawed choice to go the gated AA route, therefore we have a band aid- The free AA boost. Yeah, yeah I could have kept up. Grinding AA is just so BORING when there is new stuff out there to adventure out and see! A better choice would have been to gate instances instead of levels. Having said all this, I still play, I will get the expansion, in due time. It is still a wonderful game.

I went with Rift. Did I need to get the expansion? I don't know. I do know I've been thinking about returning for the last few months, popping in to play for free, here and there. I wanted to try the housing, I've read you don't need the expansion but I grabbed it anyhow, may as well get the first expansion. Will I make it to the cap? I don't know that either, I just play for fun these days. I have no goals other than to have fun. That's it. Maybe it makes me less popular, since I don't group or raid much. Big whoop.

Anyhow, what I like about Rift, what draws me back, is that there seems to be lots to do. Now, in the past I've joked to the friends, about the game being 'soulless' not having a real feel that I connect with. Well lots has changed and I want to see if I can connect with it this time. This time I am starting to feel a bit more connected, I seem to kill a lot faster, thus leveling faster and having lots of fun at a great pace. Maybe I can catch up?!

There are instant adventures and rifts to do, which was really calling to me. Working with other players but not having to do an instance, just laid back fun. Sort of like Guild Wars but I don't have to wander around looking for them or scouting the map for them and getting there too late. This is what I LOVED about Rift. These are quick and good xp! I love them, such a bonus to the game, it's all I've been doing. I've gotten about two levels this morning, putting me closer to 30, yay!

The souls have changed a lot, I'm re-learning my class again, many of the souls, trying out different things and wasting lots of monies. I was going to go with my Ranger but I decided that I usually get bored on her and decided I'd go back to my first character, the mage. She is my highest anyhow. I wanted to play a necro type role, so that is mostly what I've put points into, a few into chloro as well, to see how that turns out. I wanted to put my own build together and see how well it works out. We'll have to see after some levels. I also have a Chloro healing build, just a cookie cutter pre-created spec.

It is nice to have the option to grab pre-made specs, by Trion. Very excellent choice for those just wanting to hop back in and not have to research on what exactly to spec. I've tried a few, going to try the newest soul later on, see how it fares.

Housing. Or dimensions rather. This was a huge pull. A lot of bloggers got a preview of these recently. I wasn't one of these chosen (shame on you Trion, neither did some of the other housing loving bloggers I read, shame, shame >.< ) but I heard a lot of positive things. It is a bit confusing where to go to get one. If you want a starter one free with some housing goodies you can grab one of these quests here. Once you have it, how do you access it?! OMG, WHERE IS MY HOUSE err... Dimension?! You simply hit the [ key to access your house. Not the ], the [... lol. Odd choice but it works. Once you have that window open you can enter, or drag the key icon to your hotbar to use that to do so, pretty simple. You can go to your dimension from anywhere, once you leave you will return to where you were, upon entering.

How is the housing? The items seem a bit expensive for a poor mage like myself. Though it seems easier to make money than it did, or maybe my memory is hazy. So, I will save up to add more furnishings, purchase another dimension as well. From what I hear you can have two, so I'd like a bigger one. The free one I got is nice, a bit small though (part of it pictured above). I don't have much to put in it yet but I will. It is pretty easy to work on the layout, similar to Second Life but much, much easier. EQ2 seems a bit easier with the key commands you can use as shortcuts but I think Rift is a bit better on letting you place anything ANYWHERE. Which is awesome. Will it surpass EQ2's housing? Well, it is early enough in the game for it to thrive and truly integrate I think. It has a lot of potential, lots of freedom, I've give it that. I've seen many videos on some really awesome looking dimensions and I can't wait to get a different one and more items. I just have to be patient, after all I've been gone a long time and need to catch up. I'm happy to have a place to hang my 'hood' for now, that's what counts!

All in all it is nice to be back. I need a change, something fresh to me. Rift is looking good and they are so on top of content, it's crazy. Plus, I don't feel like I can't catch up in a decent amount of time, which I'd like to do. We'll see how this time turns out.

If you play on Faeblight and want to add me as a friend please do, I'm Belladahna.

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