Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mobile Gaming

I've been playing a lot of mobile games lately, on my android. Sometimes it's just more enjoyable to flop onto the couch and play something on the phone, instead of being stuck on the computer, especially if I'm cooking, tired or don't have much time to play anything. I've tried a LOT of games lately, giving some second chances and finding some real gems. Here's a list of some of my favorites- I mainly enjoy RPG type games on the Android, that's most of what this weeks list is. (Many of these are available on Android and iOS)

Star Legends.

Star Legends- This game I tried on my old Android, which was a hunk of junk. Giving it another try, I find I absolutely love it. Most people have probably already tried it, if not it is really worth a go, free at that. The cash shop is a tad steep though. This game offer cooperative play, it's fun running around in instances with other people, working together, all getting xp and loot (much like Guild Wars 2, except Star Legends did it first). This is probably one of my favorite games on Android.

Skill levels are learned automatically, no need to find a vendor to buy them. Port to dungeons instantly, lots of upgrades as drops. Cute pets in the cash shop too, if that's your thing, a bit pricey though. I like the atmosphere, the characters and classes. There is a bit of customization, no gender locked classes either, which is always a major plus. The game also has great controls, with tapping as well, I love having that option. I'd have to say this is one of the best mobile MMO games out there, hands down. The game just seems to have such an alive and festive feel to me.

Dark Legends and Pocket Legends- I've also tried the other Legends games by this developer (Spacetime Studios), there is another one in development I've heard (Arcane Legends) Arcane Legends was released today**. Both good games, for some reason Star Legends resonated with me while the other two didn't hit the spot quite as well.

Dark Legends is slightly different, more interactive I suppose, I die a lot more there. There is also the solo/group option, which the other two games don't offer. The scenery and characters are both decent but I prefer bright colorful games on the mobile device.

Pocket Legends is more like Star Legends except the mobs actually respawn in the 'zones'. Star Legends has you re-enter a zone once it is cleared, I like that better. In Pocket Legends I often get caught in respawn cycles, wasting a lot of time while trying to complete a quest. This game also has gender locked classes and the models are very quirky, animals. Still all three are decent games.

Buddy Rush.

Buddy Rush- I've wrote about this on my other blog but I wanted to touch more on it here. I love this game. It's fun and lighthearted. Lots of humor if you pay attention, it is an absolutely cute and adorable adventure game. This can be played with friends, random people, or with NPC characters.

This game has a lot of neat aspects. There are skill trees to learn skills, points awarded from missions. There are tons of classes to choose from, characters really, which are gender locked but that isn't a huge deal as there are so many of them. Some classes are more difficult than others. A lot of fun classes though. The cash shop is decent, there are also free coins for just playing, which is always great!

There is fishing, on the side, which is a cute and fun way to relax. I like that this bit is added in, it gives the game flavor. Different missions and town to putter around with. There is also PvP if that is your thing and raids at level 20 or so. This is all around a fun and relaxing game, the controls are great and simple, just how I like them!

Zombie Panic In Wonderland

Zombie Panic in Wonderland- This is a really good looking game, it has a real 'Kingdom Hearts' feel with the graphics. This is more of a shooter game with waves of baddies, it can get intense but it is pretty fun. There is a free version and a full, I'm probably going to put a few bucks into it to play all the characters. The game offers arcade and story mode. It really is a very nifty little game, one of my faves for sure.

*Keep in mind the Android rating on the market is low because there was an issue with the game running incorrectly on some phones. I experienced it last week but it has been updated and works fine. Most people probably haven't tried it again and adjusted their rating, which I made sure to do.

Elemental Knight Online (Red)

Elemental Knight Online (Red)- This game I have mixed feelings with. It is definitely a great game, lots of quest, tracking, cute characters, decent controls, lots of freebies for logging in, character customization and so on. However, it seems to have a lot of downtime, health and mana regen is very slow, maybe I am doing something wrong but I find myself logging out sooner than I had planned, due to this. A good game but I think it still needs some tweaks in the regen department.

The game has an interesting class system, decent combat, tons of questing. The world is cute and bright, lots of places to explore, lots of mobs to kill. A decent game, I had been playing it more than I do now, all the downtime sort of makes me sleepy. This one is not free it is about six bucks, USD. By the way, RED is the English version, for those wondering.

Angry Heroes

Angry Heroes- This is a newer game. Really cool art direction with it. This is more like a MUD than it looks, at first glance. Everything is automated. Quest? Come back in an hour, you're questing as the timer goes. Combat? Automated. A neat game to check in and out of, very laid back. That isn't a bad thing either, just different. It really has some cool graphics and armor. This is worth checking out for something low key!

Elgard. (This DOES come in English, this is the best photo I could find)

Elgard- This is a real fun game. Combat is decent, lots of questing, teleport to quests, fun classes. Gender locked classes though, not a plus there. Leveling seems a bit slow and you must save lots of money for skills. Not a hard game, I suppose it offers a lot to do. It is bright and very cute, very colorful. Cash chop offers a lot of fluff, decent prices. The game also has mounts, a map, tracking for turning in quests and where to grab them. It is a solid game. Lots of people playing, towns are full of life. Controls are decent, lots of skills and slots to use them easily.

Automated groups or solo options. You also port out of town with a tap, instantly you're questing where you need to be. XP and gold are given once you return to town. Not the most polished game but it is pretty solid and fun. Definitely one of the cutest!

That's it for today. Pretty much what I've been playing lately. I'm always on the lookout for good games, always trying different ones out. Hopefully I'll be writing about Knightly Adventures next week. It was already released on iOS and Facebook, which I tried there but I don't want to talk about it until I see it on Android. **Arcane Legends has also released this morning. It took me a few days to write this post up so I'll save that for next week. I had five minutes to try it out so far- LOOKS GREAT!


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