Monday, November 12, 2012

Bankrolling Gold (WoW)

A different direction in today's post, making gold in WoW like you would in poker. Some interesting tips on bankrolling your gold and playing for keeps. Some tips that may help you keep your head on straight while playing the market and trying to make more gold.

Some people like to play the Auction House, I've never been big at gambling but so many people seem to do quite well off of gambling with it. They buy low and sell high, knowing when to sell and when to hold out is a big part of it. So you've hoarded all your loot and you're ready to sell it all for tons of money, what now?

Item Stacks- Sometimes you'll have stacks of items but just because you have a full stack doesn't mean you have to sell it that way, breaking these up can often net to selling them quicker. The shortest duration is always the best choice. Don't list each item from a stack one by one, list them in stacks, people don't want to buy each item alone, they want to buy a stack and be done with it.

Undercutting- You don't have to drop the item down by several gold, you can adjust the undercut very slightly and still appear to have the cheapest item. When people start cutting by several gold the prices drop and it's probably a good time to hold out, they always go back up when the market flood goes down. Which leads to the next part. If someone has a really undercut way below the market price, buy it out or stick with your initial price. People will sell things that are cheaper than mat cost or even vendor cost, I see this sometimes and shake my head. Also note the duration left for these items, is it ending soon? Then it doesn't matter if you undercut them or not. Sometimes people do get silly with undercutting and drop prices extremely low. This can be a good time to stock up if you're playing the market. Another thing to keep in mind is if you see something at a very low price and snap it up to sell for more, it can take time to sell so make sure to list it at prime time for the minimum time amount.

Hold out- Be patient, don't overpay for things, just because they are extremely high in the auction house that day doesn't mean they will be the next day. Hold out, place items when they will be up for sale still at prime time, that;s when you're going to net the most, when the masses are looking to buy. Even if you get undercut you won't cancel them out and lose money.

Use your head- You might use addons to rely on prices and the market but that won't always get you through, sometimes you will need to know the market and prices, know what people are willing to pay for these items.

Really it is about using a lot of thought and knowing when to hold out when to sell. Keeping things in perspective and not rushing to use that bankroll you've been working on will keep your gold in your pocket longer and can help you make more in a smart way.

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