Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eye Candy

Dire and I cruising around AQ.


Thought this was an interesting scene to ride into.

Part of the reason I level so slowly, I spend half of my time playing... in old dungeons. 

Farming some shoulders in an old CoT instance, took me 20+ tries... Persistence!


My new transmog set, LOVE IT!

Day of The Dead.

Sometimes it is nice to visit a homecity, love Silvermoon. It is my 'realm', tee hee...

Coolest pet, from Day of The Dead... Oh why can't we keep him foreverrrrr!?

Questing with my dead, little friend. 

Riding the wind.

Good ol' Magister's Terrace. 

Dire and I, thought this was a nice pic,  in AQ.


  1. Ooo, did you hear? Running old instances will give you a pet in the next patch or so! Like the cat the walks around at the start of Naxx? You can get that one off of Kel'Thuzad, etc.

    Now even *more* reason to run those old places again ^_^

    1. I saw that recently! That sounds really cool, I saw some of the pets and they look pretty neat too :) I love running old content, glad to see more reasons to XD

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