Monday, November 5, 2012

Relaxing Days In The Mists (WoW - MoP)

Ah, questing in Pandaria. It has been so very relaxing, fun and entertaining. I've really enjoyed the stories as well, I find myself reading more of the quest text as I make my way through the zones, which is something I don't always do these days. I suppose it helps to immerse yourself into these beautiful lands, the writing is quite good.

My Lock has made it to 87, I'm goofing off a lot still, this week I plan on cracking down and working through more questing and getting to 90. I really love this class, it has been the most enjoyable to quest with in MoP so far.

I could go on and on about MoP but I'm like the last person on the planet to level 90, well, Dire and I, lol. So glad he is playing again. I'm sure everyone has already read about the zones I'm going through or experienced them already. Instead of being truly uninspiring today I'll share some pics and captions of my favorite moments through MoP last week.

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A pretty moment with all these fluttering wings passing by!

Checking out the brewery with Chen.

A sight to revel in.

Demonic gate... Playing at the farm. 

Hit it, punch that turnip!

Bad plant! PUT ME DOWN!! I swear this is the last time you get watered!

Drinking in the scenery.

That's one BIG bananna.

All these moths make me sleepy.

Gathering water, he's quite strong- no pandaren were harmed or given hernias for this picture.

Taking a peek over the edge.

Terrible Turnip!!

Come here little buddy!


MC :)

The demon crew and I.


A cosy alcove.

Ah, such a relaxing scene. 

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