Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GW2- ACT4- The Mad King Returns (Spoilers)

Act 4 is here today! I just had to pop in when I heard this part of the event was the same as the first GW, basically simon says. I'd have to say this was my favorite part of the event. If you haven't logged in to check it out, do so before the day is out! Don't forget to loot the chest. This event starts in Lion's Arch, where the lion used to be. Pretty sweet, lots of fun.

Sit!.... Some of us sit.

Mad King didn't tell you to sit! /facepalm?

Gather around :)

Yes, we do, but you didn't tell us to!

Chest, reward from event.

Everyone battling after the chest, lol

Chest contains a witch hat... Though I don't like being bald, cool hat still. 

I prefer the horns. LOVE the moon, so sad it will be gone tomorrow!


  1. I got my achievement for doing all of the Halloween events. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the boss dungeon. For what it's worth I think that was just a fluke. The only way you could have been booted out of instance prematurely was if your group kicked you. Thankfully I didn't run into any of that. I was getting into groups by level 10 and making my own groups by level 15 or so. I managed the tower on a few characters, and I have 3 pieces of the armor that are tradable. Now to just get them traded for the right armor type...

    Basically, sad you had a bad time of it but I had a blast. If this were WoW there's no way I could've gotten every achieve without a high level char. That made the events that much sweeter to me.

    1. Gratz, Rak! That's awesome. The event was nice in many ways but I just didn't enjoy some aspects, mainly the BL chests and a lot of the jumping parts just felt... meh. It was lovely for sure. It did put a damper on my urge to play, also I wonder just how much stuff will be locked in chests on holidays.

      All in all I will admit there was neat stuff to do, they really built up the anticipation, but I don't feel as if it were delivered as well as it could have been.

      I'm glad you had a great time though, it is a very fun game, I'm sure I'll be back in due time. As for WoW not being as newbie friendly on holidays, they are far more in-depth, plus they do give out a lot of fluff to everyone. Not a big deal anymore, to me at least. I'd say the BEST game for offering something to everyone on a huge scale would be EQ2, hands down. So much to do, anyone can participate at any level- for most of their holiday events.




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