Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catching Up

Dire and I. Aren't we so cute ;) 

Recently I started using Raptr, I never really cared to track my play-times  I know I sometimes play too much, sometimes I don't play much at all, it's just never been a big deal. However, Rift has had some cool rewards up that are linked to using Raptr. I've gotten a couple of appearance items and also a free copy of Rift. An incentive, sure they bribed me, but I like free stuff!

What do I need a free copy of Rift and 30 free days for? Well it seems Dire (the hubby- seems I still get mistaken for a dude because of my name, by some readers, and he as my dude friend, heh) ended up playing Rift with me. I never, ever thought he'd be interested in playing it but he seemed interested in the changes I've mentioned to him. So he figured he would give it a try and he's now playing a cleric, enjoying himself a lot. It is sort of weird hearing him say he is going to go play some Rift.  I am so jealous too, his computer runs the game so much better, it is just gorgeous, my son says it looks like two different games. I really am pushing for a new one soon... grrr! After Christmas though, I don't need one right now, even though I want one now.

The cool thing about us both playing, even at different levels, is that we can do the instant adventures together, which is a blast! He really seems to enjoy them, I'm addicted to them. Instant adventures are really great. What is so nice about them is that you don't have to look around for them, kind of like you do events in Guild Wars 2. You don't have to worry about people joining because eventually they will, you know who is in your groups, where they are. Plus, people actually talk in these. I'm not bashing Guild Wars 2, I had a blast playing it, I just really like the pace and direction of Rift's IA's more so. Rift has really come a long way from when I first played it in beta and at release, I am very pleased thus far.

I managed to save up and buy my 90% speed mount, pick up some crafting writs to make some house items and climb my way to 38. Last week I started at 23 so I think that is a huge jump on catching up. I cannot wait to hit 50 and head to the new areas in SL. I hear they are tough but once you get some upgrades they seem to be a bit easier. I look forward to this.

I need to log in and get the 8th year anniversary achievement in WoW. I think there is one, there should be. I miss getting cute little pets, or something tangible. This year's in-game mail seems to be a copy and paste of last years, with the same item. The letter speaks about Deathwing, heh. I know the team has been hard at work with MoP and the upcoming patch, but it seems holiday events have really taken a backseat, nothing new added, thus nothing for me to really do. I could use the holiday to work up cooking on my lock I suppose, that isn't too exciting though.

On another note our accounts expire in the first week of December, we decided to take another break. Ok, I decided to play Rift and he followed suit. While it is good, it's us, not you, WoW. I suppose we just need something new and fresh. I don't know, I just want to be excited about playing what it is I play, I need a change of pace for a bit. For now Rift offers that 'excited, can't wait to play and level' feeling again, it's nice to feel that way about a game. And... it has housing, mounts, fluff and stuff that make me want to collect things.

What Else...
I've been puttering around with Runescape on the side and I want to do a nice write-up on my thoughts while they are fresh in my head. I hope to do so, by Sunday, but with the holiday I don't know how soon I'll be writing. Plus, I've also picked back up on my other blog and resurrected it, so writing on two sometimes can be a bit of a task, but I love writing and sharing pics/screenshots. So, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, those of you celebrating with us in the US, those in other parts of the world, have a great weekend!

He rarely stands still long enough for me to get pics of us together, lol. I have to try hard to get a few in.

Mah pet is doin' the mailbox dance, ha!

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