Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooky Stuff And Shop Additions (SL)

Today I thought I'd post up some fun and spooky pictures from Second Life. There are TONS of amazing Halloween sims around, lots of haunted houses, avatars, hunts, goodies and more. I've been popping in to work on a few holiday items, so far I've only completed a few projects that are ready to go into the marketplace. Today I'll be adding a Halloween broom, which sports a bubbling cauldron and a goodie bag (pictured at bottom) and some lovely wings which add some glitz to fairy and angel costumes! You can check out the latest additions to my shop here. Enjoy the pictures!

Spooky Shops!

AMAZING mesh avatars, look at those Alice avatars! OMG I want!

Halp! Something has me... Paranormal Activity, anyone?


Must...not...get...blood... on my SHOES!

Scared stiff?

Put me down!

Creepy, waiting on slowpoke- Twig- to catch up to me here.



Carrie for prom queen?

A fun, little halloween balloon.


As you can see, I did grab one of those smashing Alice avatars!

Sporting the new avatar with the holiday broom I created. 

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