Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wings And Things (WoW)

Last week I took a few days off of WoW, thus I'm not level 90 yet. It doesn't help that when I do, I pretty much bounce all over my characters, lol. There have been so many fun and cosmetic changes to the classes. Like my warlock, she's one of my older characters but never gotten past the 40's, she's been hella fun to play with all the changes to the class. Plus, there is a glyph that gives me these awesome wings, pictured above. The glyph is Glyph of Demon Hunting.

Part of last week I played around with my priest, I got her about five levels and it was a blast, she's getting closer to 80, I'll get her to 90 in due time I think. Shadow is really great at the mo'. The past few days I've been on the lock, working on trades with her, trying to catch them up. Plus, with a magic broom, gathering is really easy to work on! Great time as any to catch that up.

I also want to get my highest to 90, the Druid, who is almost 88 right now. My hunter is 86, a lot of fun still. Then there is my DK, who needs to break out of the stable, I've yet to play him through any of the content but I look forward to it. And the little Pandaren monk... Those are just the ones I've been actively wanting to work on. I really need to buckle down and level one to 90, but they all are so fun now.

Hallow's End is here, I completed the achievements in previous years but I'm puttering around with the treat baskets and daily quests with alts, something fun to do. I love seeing the headless horseman flying around, I especially love his gleeful voice, I have it on my phone somewhere as a message tone, lol.

My 'lock in' for the Annual Pass is almost up, I think I will sub again though. I contemplated switching it out for a month or two with Vanguard Saga of Heroes, I could do that still. I try to balance the games though, to some degree. But-I think I need to wait- Tomorrow we get some Halloween goodness in Guild Wars 2! I cannot wait to see what is in store, so that will take up a big chunk of my playtime!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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