Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Goodies

Some good things to come this month, some already here. What are you looking forward to? 

WoW & GW2
Me, I'm still waiting on GW2 and WoW to open the doors on the Halloween content. I'm hoping that GW2 will be interesting and fun, four acts worth of stuff sounds good though. New costume? Interesting. Looks like the fall will bring in some good stuff to GW2, nice to see fresh content already. Check the official site to see what is planned- here.

I'm wondering if WoW will offer any new Halloween quest chains. I'm still behind the curb and not even 90. Debating on what I want to play has been tough, I keep poking around with alts. That's what I get for not playing with all the new changes after the pre-xpac patch hit. I doubt I see the headless horseman this year, I'm being a little too lazy, I won't hit 90 by then. One of these days I will. I just kind of took a few days off to play around with other stuff. Another thing to mention would be that the [WoW] team wants to put out content patches on a faster pace, I suppose all the competition lately has put some fire under Blizzard. About time.

EQ & EQ2
Speaking of, what else I've been doing, the EQ2 NoTD event has been great. I've been obsessed with a certain drop that isn't holiday related, so that has been mostly what I've been doing. Running the same instance. Eventually it will drop, until then I get to pull my hair and curse my luck.

Good news though, even if a tad late: The ProSiebenSat.1 (seriously, I don't think they could have come up with a more annoying name if they tried, sheesh, what a monstrosity...) deal has been changed around a bit. Looks like current customers have the choice to stay or go. Now they can all rejoice, that is if they are still around. I am glad to see SoE think of the customers and make a way- but it would have been better if this had been thought through better before upsetting the community. Maybe next time? I said that a few times ago, didn't I? Aw, *hugs* to SoE, they really do try, I will give them that :) I know there is an internal struggle with some of these issues.

EQ2 has a new expansion coming out next month- Chains of Eternity. Some neat pre order goodies too. There is a werewolf merc, no clue what class it is. I'm pretty fond of my human paladin, don't know if I'd change him out. Now if the merc was a human that transformed into a werewolf when it went into combat... That'd be very awesome. Somehow I don't think that is the case, lol.

There are a few interesting things with the expansion, nothing all that must have for it, except, that they added more levels with it, so you'll need this xpac. Another level cap, joy. Didn't they say 90 would remain the cap for several years, like, last year? Seriously that made me so happy. I don't want more levels in EQ or EQ2.... Sigh.

EQ also has an expansion due out in Nov too- Rain of Fear. MOAR levels! What will we hit this time, Bob? You'll gain FIVE more levels to grind out, which will make a total of ONE HUNDRED levels! My main is around 93 or something. Not far to go, though my alts cower at the thought. I seriously don't think I'd ever hit the cap in the game again if it were not for Dire, I don't have the dedication I once did, he drags me along and I enjoy the ride on the xp train.

The expansion looks decent, lots of pre-order goodies, lots of CE goodies. BOTH games offer a nice discount on the expansions if you pre-order. Something to keep in mind.

While I'm speaking about EQ- there seem to be a few NEW fun items for Halloween, you can find images here. A more structured guide can be found here and some stuff here- I can't quite find an updated guide for this year. EverQuest, Halloween to be specific, was the first holiday event in an MMORPG for me. Still quite fun and I am going to make sure to check it out this year too. If anything you can get TONS of candies to stack in the bank (food- loooong lasting, spooky, good food).

Vanguard SoH also has a Halloween event out- Festival of The Grim Harvest. I tried to log in last night but there was some massive server lag, thus I will have to try again this weekend. Not too much to it, unless it changed for this year, I haven't heard that it has. There are a few nifty Halloween costumes in the cash shop that is about all I've seen.

Zombies!? (TWD)
Little late in asking this, who caught the premiere of The Walking Dead? I wanted to see more, one hour?! That should have been a two hour slot, giving us something more to go on! It was good but not where I wanted to end it for the week. Ah well, a zombie fix is better than no zombie fix...Right?!  I look forward to watching the next episode.

That's it for today. Almost Friday, think we can make it? I'm so ready. Moar Zombies this weekend PLZ.

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