Sunday, October 14, 2012

Postcards From Norrath (EQ2)

The Hedge- Great place for xp during the holiday events, easy and has some fun loot to run multiple times for. Basically a maze, lots of fun once you get to know it, or remember it from past years. I think it is permanently imprinted to my brain from running it so many times over the years, lol. Tons of stuff for me to gather up in here still, lots of house items for my spooky Halloween room I'm working on! 

Shard of Love instance. I will get those wings that drop in here. Running it multiple times a day, I think I have gotten every OTHER drop in here. The nice thing is now I can run it multiple times a day, when I first started trying, years ago, you could only run it once a day. I will have those (valorous) wings!!

This is a room in our guild hall dedicated to Ribbitribbit. A lovely way to remember him, what a wonderful community EQ2 has. We have such a nice guild too :)

That's not my reflection! More spooky stuff. Another fun holiday instance with neat rewards, cosmetic and housing fluff! Decent xp and you can have your merc out. Pure overkill but I thought I'd let him tag along. Somehow he got behind the mirror, lol. 

Just a nice shot of my inquizzy. When the lighting is right, the characters in this game can look pretty good, my biggest beef lately is all the FOG in some zones. It makes my pictures look so hazy. 

One of my illusions, that is something else I miss in other games, fun illusions! The EverQuest games have the best illusions, the best variety! Need a change? Click an illusion in your bag :)

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